3 Days Kampala City and Buganda Cultural Safari

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Our 3 days Kampala City and Buganda Cultural Safari will take you through the capital’s rich tourist attractions and the ancient Buganda for your ultimate cultural tour. Kampala is one of the most exciting cities to visit in East Africa. You get enjoy abundant sites cultural and historical sites, craft markets, religious sites and local markets among others.  Kampala is Uganda’s capital city. It is found within Uganda’s ancient and largest kingdom, Buganda Kingdom. The city was originally built on the 7 hills but has now expanded to over 22 hills. A city tour in Kampala is best enjoyed on foot as you are rewarded with greater views of the busy capital city.

On the other hand, Buganda Kingdom is Uganda’s most ancient and largest kingdom in Uganda. Buganda kingdom is found in central Uganda and it is mostly popular for its diverse and unique culture and tradition. During your cultural encounter, you will visit various cultural and historical sites of the Baganda people including the Kasubi tombs, Kabaka’s lake, the Buganda palace (Olubiri) and Ssezibwa Falls.

3 Days Kampala City and Buganda Cultural Safari Highlights;

  • Explore Kampala city
  • Buganda cultural encounter

3 Days Kampala City and Buganda Cultural Safari Detailed  Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at Entebbe international Airport

Upon your arrival at Entebbe International airport, our driver guide will be waiting to pick you up. He will then drive you to your hotel in Kampala for the night.

Day 2: Kampala City tour and Buganda Cultural Experience

You will wake up in the morning and have breakfast at your hotel. The driver guide will meet you and your hotel to begin your city tour. You will start with down Kampala where you will visit the old taxi park, Nakasero market – the busiest local market in the city. From there, you will head to Kasubi to visit the Kasubi tombs, the Kasubi tombs are a cultural burial grounds for the kings and other royalties of Buganda Kingdom. You will also visit the Kabaka’s lake where you will learn about the existence. Enjoy watching the activities that take place at the lake such as fishing, swimming and canoeing, etc.  you definitely wont miss out on touring the Kabaka’s palace in Lubiri. You will explore the residence of the king of Buganda where you will learn more about the Buganda kingdom and its royalties.

You will have lunch and thereafter drive to the Uganda Museum where you experience the history of Uganda. You will also visit the Bahai temple – the only Bahai Temple in Africa. in addition, you will also explore religious sites like the Namugongo Martyrs shrine where the Uganda Martyrs were killed by Kabaka Mwanga.

In the evening, you will return to your hotel, refresh and have dinner. On the other hand, you can spend the evening relaxing some of the finest Ugandan restaurants, bars and night clubs.

Day 3: Transfer to Ssezibwa Falls.

You will have morning breakfast and transfer to Ssezibwa Falls in Mukono District. The falls are located about 32 kilometers from Kampala city along the Kampala – Jinja Highway. Ssezibwa falls were formed as a result of water squeezing through a narrow opening of rocks. The falls drop at a height of about 17 meters thus forming a large pool. The falls are surrounded by incredible ever green vegetation. Ssezibwa Falls

Are of a great significance to the Baganda culture and beliefs which adds importance and attractiveness to the falls. While at Ssezibwa falls, you will explore the falls and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the vegetation that surrounds the area. You will also get the ultimate experience of the Baganda cultural beliefs and customs that are related to these falls. You will learn about the historical myths of how the falls came into existence.

Accoprding to the Baganda, there is a legend that a one Nakangu Tebatuusa left her husband (Nsubuga Sebwaata) and went back to her parents. But she was told to go back to her husband which she did. Along the way, she got tired since she was pregnant and gave birth to twins in form of water. That water turned into two rivers namely Bwanda and Ssezibwa. The area is believed to be a sacred place as the falls possess ancestral blessings and healing abilities, according to the Buganda culture.

After an interesting learn session about the history of Ssezibwa falls, you will get to enjoy quite a few activities that take place there such as rock climbing, swimming, photography, bird watching and nature walks among others. Thereafter, you will drive back to your hotel in Kampala, refresh, have dinner and overnight. This marks the end of our 3 days Kampala City and Buganda Cultural Safari.

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