Car Rental Kampala

Looking for a Car to Rent in Kampala to go on your Self drive safari? Car Rental Kampala for your African self-drive safari might be the best choice if you’re a bit of an adventurer. There’s nothing quite like exploring Africa at your own pace and in your own time. Car rental in Kampala will […]

Combien coût un safari en Ouganda?

les tourists fair la safari de Chimpanze en Kibale foret

Combien coût un safari en Ouganda? Beaucoup de gens ont demandé Combien coût un safari en Ouganda? Faisons le calcul ensemble! Un permis pour le trek avec les gorilles, pour vous permettre d’entrer dans la jungle où se trouvent les gorilles, coût US$ 700. Le prix des hébergements varie entre US$ 50 pour une chambre […]

Reasons to Visit South Sudan

South Sudan, borders Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, DR Congo and Sudan. Also, it is very known for being the youngest nation in the world. There are a number of reasons you need to put this country on your bucket list for 2022-2023. In this article, I will give you some reasons to visit South Sudan. South […]

The Sebei

The Sebei The Sebei people are one of the most interesting tribes in Uganda. Furthermore, their tribe stretches even up to South Sudan. The Sebei are part of the Kalenjin ethnic group located on the borders of Uganda and Kenya. They speak a Nilotic language called Sebei and they live in the districts of Kapchorwa, […]

The Batwa Cultural Trail

The Batwa Cultural Trail The Batwa cultural trail is one of the most gratifying cultural tours in Uganda. Batwa also known as the pygmies of Uganda are a small minority group. They live in the Echuuya Forest of Mgahinga, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Semiliki National Park. For thousands of years, the Batwa lived […]

6 Days Dinka Tribe Photography Tour

6 Days Dinka Tribe photography tour| Photograph The Dinka Tribe| Dinka Cattle Camp photo tour| South Sudan Photo Tour| South Sudan Tours Our 6 days Dinka Tribe Photography Tour The Dinka are the most populous of South Sudan’s tribes and also the most politically influential. The majority of Dinka are still nomadic pastoralists and their […]

1 Day South Sudan Tour

1 Day Juba City tour| Juba City| South Sudan Trips| South Sudan Tours| Visit South Sudan| When To Visit South Sudan|  1 Day South Sudan Tour is in Juba, town, capital of South Sudan. It is a river port on the west bank of the Baḥr Al-Jabal (Mountain Nile), about 87 miles (140 km) south of Bor. Juba is […]

Film Fixer in South Sudan

  Choose Laba Africa Expeditions as your Film Fixer in South Sudan. We have established strategic relationships and partnerships to make locations accessible. In the case of South Sudan, we have built relationships at the point of entry that has more than halved the cost of equipment importation – no one can even vaguely match […]

Is Rwanda Safe? 10 Travel Tips for Visitors

Is Rwanda Safe? 10 Travel Tips for Visitors Whether you’re experiencing the local culture or checking out the gorillas, here are 10 safe travel tips for Rwanda. 1. Plastic bags One thing you will notice while travelling around is how clean Rwanda is; the government banned all non-biodegradable polyethene plastic bags in 2008. There are […]

Tours en Sudán del sur

Tours en Sudán del sur Tours en Sudán del sur !  Los recorridos tribales de Sudán del Sur son para viajeros aventureros que buscan grupos tribales intactos. Fotografiar campamentos de ganado Mundari, pueblos tribales con cicatrices e increíbles toros blancos con cuernos es un sueño para fotógrafos de todo el mundo. Los recorridos tribales de […]