Car Hire in Kenya

Car Hire in Kenya

Car hire in Kenya delivers good services to customers starting from Kenya’s top corporate to high-level delegations, the diaspora, and the local market. They also offer a comfortable fleet of cars consisting of Saloon Cars,4×4 SUVs, Executive Cars, and Shuttle buses. Apart from these also offer the following perfect car services; VIP transportation, Wedding services, Bridal services, tours and safaris, and city excursions among others services. Car hire in Kenya also provides extra products such as insurance, portable Wi-Fi, mobile phones, child safety seats, and ‘’GPS’’ Global Positioning System as a navigation system that keeps you on track.

 Overall, car hire in Kenya offers services to both beginners and skilled customers who wish to hire a car for their travel, or take part in road trips or self-drive safaris, however, hiring your car is the best way to enjoy the great exploration of the country or a safari destination tourist attraction on your own pace and freedom. Although, Car Hire in Kenya might be a bit challenging to find a genuine service provider. You will need to compare the price first to see if they are suitable for you. Furthermore, we advise you to always do research first to prove whether they are flexible for you.

Top cars for Car Hire in Kenya

Well, many foreigners and locals hire cars in Nairobi city, especially for business, occasions, and leisure purposes by visiting Kenya Safari Destination. With great advice, while planning for your safari –trip to Kenya, it is very important to plan for your convenience. You should plan to book with a trustworthy car hire agency offering good services to their customers like offering affordable prices and a suitable car in good condition for your preferred trip.

Here are some of the most convenient cars for hire for Safari Travel around Nairobi City and its safari destinations which are best toured in an open rooftop vehicle, other car types to hire include; Toyota Mark X/Crown, Toyota Prado J150, Toyota Alphard, Toyota Noah, Mercedes Bens, Range Rover among others.

Advantages of Car Hire In Kenya

However, car hire In Kenya is the best option a traveler should use in that recognized country because they allow them to move from one location to another and be able to discover many places for very little money it can either be done as an individual, couple, group or as a family, probably based on the car rental options including; Self-drive car rental, Chauffeur –driven option, Road –trips, Safari, and excursions with friends, family and business and Airport transfers  as they will be  explained  but below are the fabulous advantages of Car hire in Country as highlighted;

Freedom of movement; Car Hire in Kenya offers affordable prices to customers who love to move freely in a life of adventure.

Money saving; A traveler making a reservation at a hotel and renting a car, this helps you to compensate for the car rental price besides leading you to enjoy the freedom of movement.

Comfort; Car Hire in Kenya offers comfortable vehicles that are suitable for remote places, hidden trails, road trips, self-drive safaris to national parks or reserves, and places that are impossible to get to by taking a taxi or bus.

Prices; Car Hire in Kenya offer good deals and a wide range of cars with comfortable seats ranging with different perfect traveling lifestyles.

Affordability; Car Hire in Kenya offers cars to their customers at very affordable prices while having all services offered by a car hire company like in other countries.

Unlimited drive mileage; You should always consider a car with unlimited mileage which will make your trip more exciting and fun. They ensure customers get all that they want and feel free during the traveling. Car hire Kenya is also good at serving the self-moving industry’s needs by hiring vans and trucks. They offer better car rental options to travelers who do not know all the routes and directions to their preferred visiting destination.

Since they are one of the most reliable transportation systems in the world, that is the reason why do tourists and first-time visitors in certain often rely on this car rental for the better self-drive trip.

Variety: Car Hire in Kenya tends to offer many different types of cars suitable forever customer’s dream cars such as; small cozy cars, medium-sized cars, budget cars, and luxurious cars as they are the best mode of travel. Car Hire in Kenya also offers professional drivers mostly to beginners who are good in the location of that visited country and routes to national parks within.

Important Things to Check Before Starting Your Trip in a Hired Car

There are several outstanding things we recommend you consider when receiving a rental car in Nairobi-Kenya as explained below;

Inspect the car exterior; Before you set off on your trip in your hired car, you need to walk around the car and check for any damages on the doors, windows, rooftop, and tires. If you come across any damage report it to the company so that it gets fixed. Always avoid additional expenses on return to the car rental company.

Inspect the interior; Always get time to check the dashboards whether they are working at the same time take look at the lights, and fuel gauge. Also check door locks, windows, and air conditioning are functioning.

Inspect the engine; While planning to hire a car always take look at the engine and whether it’s in good mechanical. More so, make sure to take a look at the lubricant and water levels in the Nairobi rental car.

Check for Spare tires; To avoid getting waste time on your trip, always make sure that the rented car comes with a spare tire but is in good working condition.

First aid box; This is a must for any rented car should have. A traveler should make sure that the first aid box is available and fully equipped with the necessary items.

Simple mechanic toolbox; You should make sure that the car rented comes with a simple mechanical toolbox. It is helpful when fixing breakdowns that don’t necessarily need to be fixed by a mechanic.

Fuel amount; Most Car hire companies in Nairobi rent cars that a fully fueled and it’s very important to check in with this and always take note of the fuel level. In so doing, it will help you avoid any misunderstanding while returning the car.

What to Consider When Hiring a Car in Kenya

A traveler visiting a new country would sound better to explore it by renting their cars, especially a visit to Kenya. Though most of the time, travelers prefer staying in hotels instead of using the public mode of transport or choosing to rent their cars. Besides that, Kenya has a lot of excellent rental car services, aimed to serve visitors wanting to do self-drive safaris and road trips. All the registered outstanding car hire companies in Kenya have got experts who can gather all the critical information you might require when renting a car to make your traveling journey much more enjoyable. However, below is the top highlight you should consider when hiring a car in Kenya for your perfect drive.

Prepare Documents

One of the most considered things when considering Car Hire in Kenya is the personnel documents but depending on other car hire companies you might need different documents. The most required documents to present are; Visa, Passport, and Proof of Identify-Personnel Identification ‘’known as ID”.

Other documents needed to present; our driver’s licenses, as well as money, are needed along with proof of booking and reservation. If you start your car rental bookings, always make a security deposit as a good thing to bring along.

Extra Fees and Insurance

The moment you hire a car in Kenya there are extra options offered like extra insurance and fees which is the best thing to know before hiring a car in African countries, especially Kenya.

However, before you accept extra insurance first consider the budget carefully though it is not a legal requirement when renting a vehicle. More then, if you want a comfortable car for your successful journey, you might enjoy some of these rented automobiles include, including a spare tire, a jack, spade, air conditioning, rope, car explanation booklet, Jumper cables, radio with a USB port as well as a roadmap to help you locate.

 Be Carefully Before Rent a Car -Kenya

You need to always check everything before renting a car. Therefore, always consider different prices, policies, and requirements. Make sure that the car hire company ensures the best deal for the customers. Note, there are different settings based on the user’s wants and needs.

If a traveler wants to enjoy a city drive tour, the prices are always cheaper at most agencies here. And if you are interested in renting cars to self-drive safari to Kenya National Parks such as Maasai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Nairobi National Park, Tsavo National Park, and Hell Gate National Park among others. Then there will be different insurance, pricing as well as automobile types. For that reason, make it clear before renting a car to be sure what kind of car to consider for the trip.

Booking in Advance

Booking is the major key tip to consider when you want to rent a car in Kenya either for a road trip or self –driving safari. However, it is the best way to save time as well as hassle. If you make a booking first will provide you with more chances of a discount to get cheaper renting fees. So before renting a car, customers should book in advance.

Rent a Vehicle Along with a Driver

If you choose to rent a car with a driver you’re likely to make your traveling journey highly enjoyable and luxurious. Car hire companies tend to have professional driver guides, friendly and welcoming. Many car rentals allow customers to hire drivers at a  reasonable extra cost.

For travelers who want to make the trip more comfortable and relaxing, a car with a driver might be your dream come to pass. More then, it is a good advantage to go with a driver to enjoy a drive around the country’s attractions, driver –guides are knowledgeable enough about the roads, and how to manage official and weather conditions in the area. Traveling with a driver –guide you can freely enjoy more of the area being traveled through.

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Other Key Factors About Self–Drive Tips

Well, if you want to enjoy a drive in Kenya road trip or a safari trip to Kenya’s National Park, self-drive is the right option for you. The major factor when self-driving in Kenya you must conform to traffic rules and regulations.

The key factor, speed limits, and driving on the left-hand side of the road are examples. Though most roads in Kenya are in good condition, travelers should be careful while driving to some roads like those routes to national parks have potholes, livestock as well as pedestrians crossing the road. If you put all these into consideration will help you avoid accidents or damage.

You should always lock the car and not leave valuables unattended. While Kenya’s development is considered safe for self-driving in all destinations.

Be Selective About the Car

 A traveler should always make sure to select the right vehicle for a comfortable self–drive safari. Based on the model, terrain, space, price additional facilities, and other purposes. These are all provided by the crucial company.

Age Limit of Hiring a Car –Kenya

A driver must be at least 23 to 25 years old to rent a car in Kenya, with an upper limit of 70 to 75 years old. You must have a valid license for at least two years

Best Automobiles

If you want a perfect vehicle to travel around the city, Kenya has got many car rental companies that offer small to luxury sedans for you to pick from. The 4x4wheels sound suitable for city use. If you want to travel outside the city, then rugged automobiles are excellent vehicles for you. These vehicles must have good ground capabilities and clearance to make it on the poor road with potholes. The Fortunes SUVs are one of the best cars used by tourists.  Though they have a higher cost than a normal SUV, to the space and the capability to carry 5 passengers.

To be realistic, Land cruisers have more space and are more luxurious and more suitable to drive in Kenya. Come along the double cabs in Africa also perfect cars like the 4×4 cars suitable for self-driving. All these car types are remarkable for road trips.

Right Place to Rent

You should be very keen on knowing the good place to rent your self-drive car in Kenya. In Kenya car rentals can be found in nearby areas or airports. They are usually located where tourists can commute by shuttles or taxis. For more information, you can contact us via email or contact.

Airport Transfer –Pickups Tips

Kenya’s Airport transfer is an excellent car hire service that offers a comprehensive range of transportation modes to serve tourists to and from the airport, especially visitors who want to be dropped to their booked hotels. These cars are located just near popular Airports in Kenya as well as hotels. They are good at providing convenience services to travelers and businessmen and they tend to offer the lowest costs without comprising the quality of services. These companies provide professional and reliable drivers.



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