Best Guide to Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Guide to Rwenzori Mountains National Park. The Rwenzori mountains have two hiking experiences: the low altitude and the High altitude. The low altitude treks won’t take you beyond 4,000 metres and typically last 2-4 days. High altitude treks take you to the peaks above 4,000 metres, and usually lasts between 4-12 days.  The Rwenzoris can be visited as a […]

How much does an African Safari Cost?

What Is the Price of an African Safari? A night on an African safari cost anywhere from $125 to $1,500 per person. A budget safari costs $150 per night, a mid-range African safari costs $350, and a luxury safari costs $750. Extreme top-safaris might potentially cost $1,500 or more per night! There is a safari […]

Mount Nyiragongo

Mount Nyiragongo Volcano Mount Nyiragongo is located in Virunga National Park is an active volcano and considered dangerous since its never calm and characterised by frequent eruptions. The volcano is 3470 meters high and it’s the oldest volcano in East Africa. The mountain has a boiling crater lake which attracts many tourist to come witness […]

Best Places to See Gorillas in Africa

gorillas in Central African Republic

BEST PLACES TO SEE GORILLAS IN AFRICA. Here are the best Places to see Gorillas in Africa that you should add to add to your bucket list if you dream of seeing gorillas in the wild. There’s much debate as to which country offers the best gorilla trekking safari experience for a memorable vacation gateway […]

Gorillas in the Wild


Because they are the largest living primates but also very sociable, gorillas in the wild are nicknamed “gentle giants”. Their homes are located in central and East Africa. The gorillas in the wild  share more than 98% with the human genes, making the gentle giants our closest cousins after chimpanzees and bonobos. Just like us, […]

Eastern Lowland Gorilla

Eastern lowland Gorillas are in the Kingdom=animalia Phylum=Chordata Class=Mammalia   Order=primates   Family=Hominidae   Genus=gorilla   Species=gorilla beringei graueri Eastern lowland gorillas are the largest and strongest plus one of the most intelligent primates in the world thanks to their mass muscle ratio to the rest of their body. There are two known subspecies of the eastern gorilla which […]

Mount Bisoke

Mount Bisoke is also locally known as “Visoke” is sandwiched between Rwanda and borders of Dr Congo. The locals named it the mountain “Bisoke,” which means “drenched with water,” in  these two crater lakes on Bisoke. Mount Bisoke’s peak contains a lovely crater lake of 400m in diameter, and another crater lake of Ngezi about […]

Tree Climbing Lions in Ishasha

Tree climbing lions photo By Alex Brackowski

Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha Tree climbing lions can be found the southern part of the ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park. The habit of lions climbing trees is not often. Most people say that Queen Elizabeth is the only park in Uganda where lions have a habit of climbing trees. However, I totally disagree with since I […]


conseils pour la location de voiture en ouganda

CONSEILS POUR LA LOCATION DE VOITURE EN OUGANDA Conseils Pour La Location De Voiture En Ouganda. Quand vous pensez à location de voiture pour un safari , l’Ouganda devrait être l’une des premières destinations que vous avez à l’esprit car c’est une destination populaire et parfaitement adaptée pour les self-drive. L’Ouganda est surtout connu pour […]

Why Choose Us for Car rent in Uganda

Tips for self-drive car rent in Uganda

Why Choose Us for Car rent in Uganda When you are looking for a reliable car hire service in Uganda, look no further than Laba Uganda Expeditions. We are one of the leading car hire companies in Uganda for self-drive safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. We make sure you have a cost-effective car […]


Tips for self-drive car rent in Uganda

TIPS FOR SELF-DRIVE CAR RENT IN UGANDA When you think of self-drive safaris, Uganda should be one of the names on your radar. It’s a popular destination for such safaris. Uganda is mostly known for gorilla tracking and several other things like culture, hiking safaris and a lot of other wild life. You can take […]