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Glaciers in Africa

Go to Home Glaciers in Africa: Even with the equatorial climate, Africa has glaciers on her highest peaks on Mount Kilimanjaro, mountain Rwenzori’s and Mount

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Rwanda Voyage Différemment

Rwanda Voyage Différemment Le Rwanda est devenu une destination phare au cours des dernières années, et s’est définitivement fait une place dans le tourisme international,

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Mount Nyiragongo

Mount Nyiragongo Volcano Mount Nyiragongo is located in Virunga National Park is an active volcano and considered dangerous since its never calm and characterised by

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Rwanda Safari Holidays

Gorillas in the Wild

Because they are the largest living primates but also very sociable, gorillas in the wild are nicknamed “gentle giants”. Their homes are located in central

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Eastern Lowland Gorilla

Eastern lowland Gorillas are in the Kingdom=animalia Phylum=Chordata Class=Mammalia   Order=primates   Family=Hominidae   Genus=gorilla   Species=gorilla beringei graueri Eastern lowland gorillas are the largest and strongest plus one

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Mount Bisoke

Mount Bisoke, locally known as Visoke, lies between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Two crater lakes on Bisoke are named “Bisoke,” which

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