SOUTH SUDAN TOURS – Mundari Tribe – Toposa Tribe

Tribes in South Sudan

The ethnicity of South Sudan is rich and diverse. There is 64 tribes or ethnic groups which are natives of the South Sudan. Many of these ethnic groups share common culture, very closely-link cultural traits with intelligible languages which forming distinct larger family units of Tribes in South Sudan.

Here are some of the  Tribes in South Sudan Dinka Tribe South SudanNuer tribe of South Sudan | Mundari Tribe in South Sudan | Azande Tribe | Baka Tribe South Sudan | Boya Tribe South Sudan | Larim Tribe| Falata Tribe of SudanImatong Tribe of the mountains |Jiye or JieKakwa also found in Uganda | Lango also found in Uganda| Lopit |. Lotuka tribe of South Sudan |  Madi |  Murle can also be found in Ethiopia | Lotuko tribe in South sudan

Mundari Tribe of South Sudan

Mundari tribe just like other Nilotic tribes, are very cattle-oriented: cattle serves as food, a form of currency and a mark of status. Marriages are arranged by the prospective groom offering cattle to the bride’s family and husbands may take as many wives as they can support.

The Mundari engage in perennial cattle raiding wars with the neighboring Dinka tribe during the dry season. In order to secure their cattle, Mundari Tribe at night take their weapons and go to the bush. Mundari practice ritual scarification as a rite of passage into adulthood for young men.

The typical Mundari scar pattern consists of two sets of three parallel lines, each on either side of the forehead, extending in a downward slope and unconnected in the middle.

Mundari tribe hair is made with cow urine and burnt cow droppings to turn redish brown as a way of beautification


What To Pack on your Trip to South Sudan – Toposa Tribe Tour – Mundari Tribe Tour

This is a guide to help you understand your options while travelling to South Sudan, regardless of what tribe you are interested in so that you can come prepared.

Quickly prepare your packing list for the culturally diverse to carry on the most interesting and memorable travels.

  • Toiletries (+ wet wipes!)
  • Sunscreen. Mundari Tribe camp is very hot
  • Headlamp/LED torches for getting around at night( We don’t advise you to move around)
  • Sunglasses against that African sun
  • Insect repellent – You will need it on your visit to Mundari tribe and Toposa Tribe
  • First aid kit & regular medication
  • Sturdy closed-toe shoes or hiking boots
  • ‘Around the camp’ shoes or flip flops
  • Camera (inc. extra batteries and SD card)
  • Pocket knife
  • Solar panel charger! important
  • Lip balm to protect against that dry African air. The wind in your face on your Toposa Tribe Tour and Mundari Tribe Tour  and the dust during the dry season

Subsequently, it is recommended to pack for a trip to South Sudan. If you are planning to visit the Mundari or Toposa Tribes, a tribe tour.

South Sudan Tour Packages

8-Days Mundari & Dinka Photo Tour

Tour Details On this 8-Days Mundari & Dinka Photo Tour expect to Meet some of  Africa’s most indigenous people of Mundari and Dinka. […]
Mundari cattle camp photo- Laba Africa Expeditions

Uganda and South Sudan Tour

Tour Details This 15 Days Uganda and South Sudan Tour and wildlife tour will take you from waterfall hikes in […]
Mundari cattle camp photo- Laba Africa Expeditions

5 Days Mundari Tribe Tour

South Sudan is a great, virgin destination for adventure lovers and those travellers searching for untouched tribal groups. This 5 Days […]

5-Days Mundari Tribal Tour

5 Days
South Sudan is a great, virgin destination for adventure lovers and those travelers searching for untouched tribal groups. This 5-DAYS […]

10 Days South Sudan Safari Tour

10 Days
Availability : November to March
Tour Details This 10-Days South Sudan Cultural Tour This 10-Days South Sudan Cultural Tour route to discover some of Africa’s most […]

South Sudan Tours

South Sudan tours are for adventurous travellers searching for untouched tribal groups Photographing  Mundari Tribe cattle camps, scar tribal people and amazing horned white bulls is a dream for photographers from all around the World.

Our South Sudan Tribal tours will walk you in the life of the traditional tribal world amongst the ethnic groups that have inhabited the region’s wilderness areas for thousands of years. Among the tribe you will meet are Mundari TribeDinka TribeToposa tribe tours, Larim tribe tour and many others plus destinations like Sudd Swamp,

This is an intensely personal tour of one of the world’s lesser-known, yet newest, countries where ancient cultural rituals collide with preconceived traveller expectations, to create an incredibly unique and often moving experience.


Is South Sudan safe for travel in 2022?

A quick google search will give you results and advice not to travel to South Sudan. The US, Australian, Canadian governments advise their citizens not to travel to South Sudan because they consider it dangerous. In fact, a civil war, refugee crisis in neighbouring Uganda and mass corruption and ethnic tensions have left a bad taste in the mouth of many.

But what’s the fact on the ground and is it safe to travel to South Sudan?

A peace treaty was signed between the two major rivals, but there are rare clashes between the 60+ tribes of South Sudan. The peace deal has indeed brought a lot of peace into the country.


Tips on how to Travel to South Sudan safely 2022.

  • Always Use a local trusted company! We know the country very well than anyone else.
  • You should never move at night alone
  • Don’t bring your fancy expensive jewellery leave it at home and keep a low profile.
  • Don’t show dollars to anyone! Hide them as much as you can!
  • Avoid taking photos in Juba City

More information


When travelling in South Sudan bear in mind that things won’t always work here as you’re used to them working at home. Travelling in underdeveloped and un touristed regions requires both patience and a sense of humour. There may be problems with infrastructure, attitudes may be different, and maintenance may not be as high a standard as we would always like, but this is very much part and parcel of travelling in such a place. We aim to resolve any issues as quickly as possible and thank you for your patience.

Meanwhile, there is almost no tourist industry to speak of and therefore people are very unaccustomed to western visitors, and what they may expect in terms of service. T

he local authorities are likely to be rather confused by your presence and so often your tour leader will need to explain your presence to them – in addition to this they may all interpret rules and regulations differently and so what is permissible in one place may not be in another.


When to go on a trip to South Sudan

Currently, the best time to visit South Sudan is from November to April. The season is dry so our jeeps can make it to the most remote areas to get the best out of your south Sudan Tour. However, all Tours to the Mundari Tribe visits can be done all year long.



This tour avoids the key affected areas of Unity, Upper Nile and Jonglei states, staying in Central and Eastern Equatoria states. We take the safety of our travellers extremely seriously and our office in Juba gets regular updates about the situation in different areas we visit.

Our team of tour experts include locals born, raised and based in South Sudan and we are fully confident that we can operate tours safely in these parts of South Sudan.

Which areas are safe South Sudan?

Our Tours only go to places we consider safe that is JubaMundari tribe in Terekeka and Dinka cattle camps, Laarim (Boya) and Toposo tribe in Kapoeta.

Places we don’t consider safe are Unity and Upper Nile states, Malakal.



South Sudan has a climate similar to an Equatorial or tropical climate, characterized by a rainy season of high humidity and large amounts of rainfall followed by a drier season.

The temperature on average is always high with July being the coolest month with average temperatures falling between 20 and 30 °C (68 and 86 °F) and March being the warmest month with average temperatures ranging from 23 to 37 °C (73 to 98 °F).

The most rainfall is seen between May and October, but the rainy season can commence in April and extend until November. On average May is the wettest month.

The season is “influenced by the annual shift of the Inter-Tropical Zone” and the shift to southerly and southwesterly winds leading to slightly lower temperatures, higher humidity, and more cloud coverage.


Top highlights on South Sudan tours-Trips

  • Overnight in the Mundari Tribe cattle camp beside the White Nile river, photographing the Mundari people burning cow droppings and taking their cows to graze
  • Experience the wrestling between different villages and tribes
  • Cultural tour in little villages with the Lotukotribe
  • World wonder in Boma National Park with millions of animals migrating!! You will be among the first to witness this.
  • Toposa tribe dating ceremony! Experience dating in the world with no tinder or bars. How do you meet a partner in the remote villages around Kapoeta?

Finally, the Tours in South Sudan are something else from what you’re used to! It’s a whole new world.

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