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Experience with us your very personal adventure on the most diverse continent on earth. Fascinating cultures, impressive landscapes, breathtaking animal experiences and overwhelming hospitality that comes from the heart.

Laba Africa Expeditions is a young and sustainable travel company that specializes in individual active, adventure and volunteer trips trips with focus on East Africa.

We are a team of African tour experts who design tailor made trips to destinations we call home like UgandaSouth SudanRwandaDRC and Kenya 

In addition, our carefully checked packages  focus on a combination of nature  and culture and tourism is seen as a powerful tool to protect the environment and improve the living standards of the local population around the tourist attractions ensuring responsible tourism.

Untamed Africa

Our African safari packages range from family holidays to romantic honeymoons. They are handcrafted and flexible to your travel needs. Whether you have dreamt of close and personal encounters with gorillas, the Big 5, or the clear pristine beaches, our experts will tell you how and where to do it.   

Why choose us

Our love for nature, wildlife, and adventure has led us here. We are a team of African tour experts who design tailor-made trips to Africa’s dream destinations.  


African Safari, Best countries for wildlife Safari tours

African Safari, So many travellers are always inquisitive when it comes to the mumbling African wildlife safari. So much to ponder, how will your story be different. African wildlife safari packages come with everything in between from bucket list experiences to ultra-luxurious vacations.

Here you will find vacations suitable for the family, passionate honeymoon packages, budget friendly vacation and thrilling African safaris in the notably famous African safari destinations like Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Botswana and the like. Reminder that all our itineraries are exclusive to a traveller as every experience can be changed to suit the travellers needs hence completely customizable.

Caught up with schedule, no worries!! Contact an African safari expert and have your trip planned based on your budget, interests and desires.

Our Iconic Destinations

Our amazing tours in 6 African countries promise exclusive, private wild game viewing, unrivalled style, comfort and a range of activities for a full immersion in nature and local culture.


Winston Churchill referred to Uganda as the “Pearl of Africa” because of its breathtaking scenery and diverse wildlife and plants. Because of her proximity to the equator, the climate is ideal for the ecosystem. Uganda has 56 tribes, all of which are friendly and welcoming to visitors. Uganda’s tourism industry has faced challenges since the country’s independence.


Rwanda, formally the Republic of Rwanda, is a landlocked country in Central Africa’s Great Rift Valley, where the African Great Lakes region and Southeast Africa meet. Located a few degrees south of the equator, Rwanda is bordered by UgandaTanzania, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). 



Kenya Tours: Hardly any other country stands for safari, impressive animal experiences and African joie de vivre as much as Kenya. No matter whether you enjoy a relaxing beach holiday, venture on adventurous expeditions or want to experience the wild animals of the savannah up close. The diversity of Kenya is breathtaking and has a suitable answer for every holiday wish.


“Karibu” – Welcome! Whoever hears Tanzania often automatically associates this name with Safari and is not at all wrong, because Tanzania tours offer its visitors a magical nature experience like no other country in Africa. The great herd walks in the Serengeti are probably one of the most spectacular spectacles in the animal world, while a sunrise on the summit of Kilimanjaro is an experience that cannot be compensated for with money or words. 


South Sudan tours or South Sudan Tourism is meant for adventurous travelers searching for untouched tribal groups Photographing  Mundari Tribe cattle camps, Toposa villages scar tribal people and amazing horned white bulls is a dream for photographers from all around the World looking for the world’s most isolated routes to discover some of Africa’s most traditional tribes.

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