Rwanda Tours will take you to the  Land of a Thousand Hills. Furthermore, attracting more tourists year by year because Rwanda has much to offer!. A Combination of Bamboo Forests, Tropical Jungles, Volcanoes and Savannahs.

Rwanda tours also take you to the home of the famous Mountain Gorillas shared with Uganda and Congo. Chimps, 11 other monkey species and also Lions, Elephants and Giraffes. Moreover, it has moved from once a country tormented by one of the worst genocides in modern history.

In fact, one of the safest and fastest-growing countries in the world. The capital Kigali is clean, using smart technology on its streets. Similarly, its while the countryside is beautiful with thousands of rolling hills and green tea.

Also, the Rwanda Government is very determined to build Rwanda Safaris as a must-do for visitors on the continent. A Rwanda safari will take you to several luxury lodges in the game parks. These are truly high end, unlike neighbouring Uganda.

Similarly, Rwanda Development Bank has embarked on massive marketing of Rwanda Safaris through several American and European PR companies. Furthermore, popular football teams like Arsenal and Paris St Germaine PSG.


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Why visit Rwanda? What to see in Rwanda

“Rwanda is a beautiful little country most known for the genocide of 1994. The good news is that the country is way beyond recovery from its past. And is now very safe and ready to welcome tourists.

Gorillas in Rwanda are one of the major attractions on the continent. So, trekking gorillas is a major highlight for most people who come for Rwanda tours. However, there is a lot more to do on a  Rwanda  Safari than just gorillas.

Other attractions include; golden monkey treks and climbing volcanoes.  Nyungwe Forest National Park has 13 different primate species including chimpanzees. Akagera National Park is Rwanda’s only savanna park in Rwanda and it offers that wilderness experience

Best Time to Visit Rwanda

Rwanda safaris and Rwanda Tours”  are generally done throughout the year. Equally important, the best time according to us is when the rains are less or during the dry season. Besides when it’s easy to hike and chimpanzees tend to be much on the ground.

Most people come to do Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda. Rains and wet weather can make it a challenge to trek mountain gorillas that’s during March, April, October to November. Although your safari in Rwanda and Gorilla trekking in Rwanda can be done all year long.

We recommend you come in the dry season in January, June, July, August and December. Likewise, the driest months (June to August) are best for the Rwandan gorilla trekking and Rwanda safari. And these months are also recommended for hiking in Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Moreover chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda, It’s easy to see chimps during the wet season. Likewise, the availability of forest fruits is plenty but during the dry season. They walk deeper into the jungle so it becomes difficult to follow them.

Now the choice is yours to choose what time you want to do your Safari in Rwanda. Besides, if you have nice hiking boots, a good waterproof jacket and a Laba Africa Expeditions  guide, you’re good to go at all times

The Genocide Memorials of Rwanda

Rwanda has a tragic history. In 1994, there genocide that lasted 100 days and thousands of lives were taken in a brutal ethnic cleansing. The genocide tore the small nation into shreds but it has managed to rise from the ashes.

No one ever wants to see such days again and the slogan never again can be seen in various places across the country. As a result, tourists do some cultural tourism with some local traditional dancers.

There are a number of memorial sites across the country. Monuments and reminders of those dark days, and of the victims who were killed in those 100 days. In most cases, memorials are not tourist attractions but what happened to Rwanda is a message.

And a reminder of what happens to innocents. If the world stands by and chooses not to intervene and help when they see a people destroyed. Some of the memorial Rwanda safari sites include.

Murambi Genocide Memorial Site, Nyamata church genocide memorial site, Gisenyi genocide Memorial Site, Ntarama Church Genocide Memorial Site, Bisesero Genocide Memorial Site and many others.

Rwanda is generally an exciting place to visit. It has a rich history and culture, a variety of wildlife. Is home to mountain gorillas and the famous Virunga Mountains and has very friendly people.


Rwanda is a densely populated landlocked country in East Africa. Furthermore, the country is also called the land of a thousand hills because of its hilly landscape. Bordering Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda and Tanzania.

Therefore, the national territory, the main African watershed runs between the catchment areas of the Nile and the Congo. From 1884 to 1916, Rwanda belonged to the German colony of German East Africa. Thus, it was a Belgian UN mandate before it gained independence in 1962.

The gorillas in the Virunga Mountains and the chimpanzees in the Nyungwe Forest National Park. Are particularly interesting for tourists on Rwanda tours. Other sights in Rwanda include the Nyanza Royal Palace, the National Museum of Butare and the Genocide Memorial in Murambi.


The Republic of Rwanda covers an area of ​​26,338 km². Between the 29 and 31 ° east longitude and the 1 and 3 ° south latitude. It borders Uganda in the north, Tanzania in the east, Burundi in the south and the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the west.

Rwanda is located on a high plateau that has an average height of 1,400 to 1,700 meters. The Central African ditch with Lake Kivu runs along the country’s western border. The highest elevations in Rwanda are the volcanoes Kalisimbi (4,507 m), Muhabura (4,127 m), Visoke (3,711 m), Sabyinyo (3,654 m) and Gahinga (3,487 m).

In the northwest of the country, on the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo; are the volcanic Virunga Mountains with the snow-covered Mount Karisimbi.


Despite the proximity to the equator, the climate in Rwanda is mild and one speaks of a tropical highland climate. The temperatures are usually between pleasant 19 ° C and 25 ° C. In some parts of the country, it can cool down significantly at night due to the high altitude.

In the west of the country, at Lake Kivu, it is mild and temperate, cool in the highlands, sometimes with relatively high humidity. The average temperature in the highlands is around 19 ° C. Hence, it is usually warmer in the east.

There are two dry periods and two rainy seasons. A short dry spell extends from December to January, with average temperatures in Kigali of around 20.3 ° C.

Finally, the great rainy season is from February to May. Rwanda tours are best during the great dry season, which lasts from June to mid-September, Kigali is around 20.5 ° C warm. In the little rainy season.


Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu in Rwanda is a perfect place to relax after your  Rwanda safari tour. After mountain climbing, hiking, gorilla trekking, biking the Nile Congo trail. Exploring the Nyungwe forest and all the other activities you can possibly do while on Rwanda tours.

You will need a good place to chill, relax and come down from the adrenaline highs. It is Rwanda’s very own inland beach and it doesn’t disappoint. While Kenya and Tanzania have beaches on the shores of the Indian Ocean,

Rwanda has Lake Kivu. Lake Kivu offers you sandy beaches, swimming, fishing, boating, wind-surfing, sail-boating, biking, nature walks, cultural visits. Along with or near Lake Kivu, you will not even miss the ocean beaches.