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Our Central African Republic or C.A.R Tours are completely special and for those adventurous travelers who wish to discover the authentic Africa as it was 100s of years back. With less wildlife as compared to that of its neighbors, the country is still rewarding for visitors who are looking for untouched tribal encounters with Ba’aka people and untamed experiences like spending nights in the rainforests with the pygmies listening to their stories and music to hunting and gathering like a forest resident.


A tour to Central African Republic (C.A.R) will open up a different perspective as you discover what this former French Colony and its iconic features like the Boali Falls, rare species at the Dzanga-Sangha reserve and of course a special gorilla encounter.


Central African Republic is located is a purely untamed and less visited country located in Central Africa. The country shares the boarder with Chad, Sudan, Cameroon and DR Congo in the South West.

Why Visit Central African Republic? Why go to a Central African Republic Tours?

Taking a Central African Republic Tour will expose you a country with unique beauty with a combination of tropical rain forests meeting the African savannahs not forgetting the unique tribes in the jungles.

Most tours will start in Yaoundé the Cameroonian capital because it’s easier and safer to travel to C.A.R and you will be camping with the Pygmy people on your way.

1. Meet the Ba`aka People

Ba`aka people have inhabited the tropical rain forests of Central African for 100s of years they will hand in hand with the forest ecosystem and have taken care of these forests for generations. The Ba àka people have continued to resist modernization and prefer to live their simple ways of life hunting and gathering wild fruits. You will have a chance to visit the Ba`aka people or even have an overnight stay camping in their communities.

2. Dzanga-Sangha Reserve

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Dzanga-Sangha Reserve is one of Central African Republic highlights covering an area of approximately 1000 sq km of tropical rain forests and rivers. The reserve is a haven for wildlife such lowland gorillas, forest elephants and buffalos

3. Sangha river canoe trip

On a wooden canoe guests have a chance to explore your surrounding by boat since it gives an interesting view of an African tropical forest. You will pass  We first through a swampy, flood-prone forest and later penetrate in a vast open swamp, before plunging into the small, narrower raffia channels. Those who are interested may assist in the collection of Raffia wine and taste it. This beautiful excursion takes place either early in the morning or in the afternoon starting at 3 pm.

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