Luxury Serengeti Safaris

The Serengeti plains offer some of the best wildlife encounters. The luxurious lodges and resort offer transcending Africa safari experiences.

The Serengeti has long been renowned as one of Africa’s most beautiful wildlife-rich safari destinations, and it certainly lives up to its reputation. The park never fails to capture one’s heart as you are confronted by all the romanticism and drama that Africa has to offer. Located in Tanzania’s northwestern region, with an invisible border with Kenya’s Masai Mara. The Serengeti ecosystem covers 30,000 square kilometers and is home to the annual wildebeest migration, which stays in Tanzania for about 8-9 months of the year.

Luxury Serengeti Safaris

Serengeti National Park is Tanzania’s oldest national park, and it is home to over 1 million wildebeest, as well as other mammals (such as zebras and gazelles) and over 2,500 lions. The Serengeti in Tanzania is truly a remarkable place to enjoy a luxury safari and experience an adventure of a lifetime, with its incredible wildlife to observe and endless plains to explore! The Serengeti is typically the endpoint for the Northern Circuit Safari, and the areas recommended are remote, starkly beautiful, and deserted. Exploring the wilderness of Serengeti National Park and participating in a luxury Serengeti safari are highlights of any visit to Tanzania.

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When to go for Serengeti Luxury Safaris

3 Days Serengeti National Park Tour

Luxury Serengeti Safaris are available at any time of year, including the dry season from June to October when wildlife species can be easily spotted during a wildlife safari experience. The beauty of this national park is that no matter what season you visit, you will be able to enjoy seeing various wildlife species during a game-viewing safari.

If you want to see the wildebeest migration during your luxury Serengeti safaris, you can visit the national park in April and May when the migration is in the central part of the park, or in June and July when the migration is in the western part of the park. To see the famous river crossings during the wildebeest migration, visit Serengeti National Park between June and July and August when river crossings occur around the Grumeti and Mara rivers.

Because of the large number of visitors who go on safari in the Serengeti National Park, it is important to choose a time of year when you can see the wildlife species. If you don’t mind crowds, go on a safari during the peak season; otherwise, visit the national park during the low season to make your Luxury Serengeti Safaris remarkable.

During the wildebeest migration, the calving season can also be seen in the southern plains of Serengeti National Park. Over 8000 calves are born every day on the short grass plains, and predators such as lions can be seen preying on the wildebeests. This calving season lasts from December to early March.

How to get to Serengeti National Park

Luxury Serengeti Safaris

The Serengeti National Park is accessible by both flying and driving. If you don’t mind the 7-hour drive from Arusha to the national park, you can choose to be driven to Serengeti National Park during your luxury Serengeti safari.

However, the best option for getting to the national park during a luxury Serengeti safari is to fly to one of the park’s various airstrips. Flights to Kilimanjaro international airport can take you to many destinations in northern Tanzania such as the Serengeti National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, among others.

The various Serengeti national park airstrips to which you can fly during your luxury safari in the national park include Seronera airstrip, Kogatende airstrip, Lobo airstrip, Grumeti airstrip, Fort Ikoma airstrip, and Kirawira airstrip are among them.

Different airlines offer flights to the various Serengeti airstrips, and upon arrival, you can be picked up by your safari guide or a representative from your lodge and taken to your lodge. It is critical to select an airstrip that is close to your lodge and the area of the Serengeti National Park that you intend to visit during your luxury Serengeti safaris.

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Luxury Serengeti Safaris Activities

Luxury Serengeti Safaris

Guided game Drives

To see wildlife at its best, tourists can go on game drives through various tracks that are excellent wildlife viewing areas. You can get closer to the animals while on the game drive. Game drives on luxury Serengeti safaris are done at different times of the day. However, the best time to go on a Serengeti game drive is between 6:00 am and 11:00 am because most fierce predators like lions hunt in the morning, and there is a lot of animal activity where you can see cheetah, zebra, wildebeest, eland, and many more. Afternoon game drives are available from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm. Full-day luxury game drives are available from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Serengeti Balloon Safari

You can also go on a luxury balloon safari, which allows you to explore the Serengeti and all of its breathtaking scenery, as well as its incredible wildlife from the skies. Because balloon rides require a minimum of 12 to 16 people, depending on the size of the balloon basket, you must book your safari in advance. These rides start very early in the morning, around 5:00 a.m., and end with a champagne bush breakfast.

The cost of a hot air balloon ride in the Serengeti ranges between $499 and USD 599 for each adult.

3 Days Serengeti National Park Tour

The Wildebeest Migration

The calving season, as well as river crossings during which the animals dodge hungry giant crocodiles in the Serengeti, are highlights of the Wildebeest Migration in the Serengeti. The migration sees approximately 2 million wildebeests, 300,000 Thomson’s Gazelles, and over 250,000 Zebras. With millions of animals marching in unison, you can expect a lot of drama, as this herd is frequently attacked by predators.

Guided Nature Walks

Another option to include on your luxury Serengeti safari is a Guided nature walk safari, in which you are led by an armed park ranger on a walk through the Serengeti’s easy terrain at a slow pace. This allows you to see plants, reptiles, animals, insects, and birds that you wouldn’t be able to see as well while seated in a car on a game drive; something that nearly 60% of tourists miss. A guided nature walk in the Serengeti takes place in groups of 6 to 8 people aged 12 and up.


Serengeti National Park is a popular destination for birdwatchers. The park is home to 542 bird species, 11 of which are endemic and some of the species found here include; The Kori bustard, Grey-breasted spurfowl, Rufous-tailed weaver, Grey-headed sparrow, Variable Sunbird, Secretary bird, Purple Grenadier, Black-headed Heron, Yellow-throated sandgrouse, White-bellied go-away bird, White-crowned shrike, Red-backed scrub, D’Arnaud’s barbet, Decken-Toko Tockus, Dark Chanting Goshawk and many more. You must visit between November and April to see the migratory birds.

Luxury Serengeti Safari Accommodation

The Serengeti has a plethora of luxury lodges and tented camps scattered throughout the reserve and on its outskirts to cater to high-end travelers. Permanent lodges, which can be small or large, have a full range of amenities, from tennis courts and gyms to spas and swimming pools where you can cool off while watching wildlife drink from water holes. Tented camps, where you can experience sleeping under canvas without sacrificing any comforts (think king-sized beds, ensuite bathrooms, antique furniture, and butler service).

Then there are seasonal bush camps with a small footprint that are only open during the months when the migration is passing through, and exclusive; intimate mobile camps that move a few times a year with the movement of migrating herds. Mobile camps are an excellent choice for a Serengeti luxury safari because they bring you close to the action in remote, untouched areas and give you the feeling of being immersed in the bush – but this is far from rustic camping. Hot bucket showers, flush toilets, private butler service, and gourmet cuisine served in dining tents are standard features of luxury mobile camps, and some offer private and exclusive game drive vehicles and guides for each segment of guests.

Top Best Luxury Safari lodges in Serengeti

Singita Sasakwa Lodge

The Edwardian-style Singita Sasakwa Lodge is located in the Grumeti area of the Serengeti. This lodge is made up of private cottages with a mix of East African and European design elements.

Private plunge pools are available in the bedroom cottages at Singita Sasakwa Lodge. Other amenities at the lodge include a fitness center with cutting-edge fitness equipment, a boutique and gallery store, a TV in the lodge’s main area, WIFI, and hair dryers in each room, among others.

Babysitting services are also available for guests staying at Singita Sasakwa Lodge, and various activities can be organized to keep children of all ages entertained during their stay at the lodge.

Singita Sasakwa Lodge can also be reached by air, making it easy to continue a safari in Serengeti National Park. There are flights from Arusha to the lodge that go over Kilimanjaro.

Grumeti Air offers both private charter flights and scheduled flights to Singita Sasakwa Lodge. The lodge is about a 10-minute drive from the Singita sasakwa airstrip. Another option is to drive from Arusha, which takes about 7 hours, or from Kilimanjaro, which takes about 8 hours. The lodge is open all year for guests on safari in the Serengeti National Park.


One Nature Nyaruswiga Lodge

One Nature Nyaruswiga is an ultra-luxurious safari camp located in the central Serengeti National Park with stunning views and surrounded by the Nyaruswiga Hills. The camp has 14 luxurious tents that provide a sensational connection with the nature surrounding the national park. Numerous wildlife species can be seen from a single Nature Nyaruswiga.

The tents are supported by eucalyptus wood poles with an elegant brass crown and a taste of the African safari experience. An indoor lounge area, a wooded decked private verandah with Italian chairs and mahogany tables, in-room massage services, an electronic safe, a hair dryer, laundry services, a private bar, a walk-in closet, and WIFI are among the amenities available to guests.

Lamai camp

The Lamai camp rooms are decorated with East African crafts created by local artisans. The camp has approximately 8 rooms with private verandahs, beautiful views, and en suite bathrooms. 

Lamai camp’s bathrooms include showers, a double sink, and flush toilets. During their stay at the camp, guests can also access hot water. The dining area has both communal and private tables, and guests can order bush breakfasts. Picnics and sundowners are also available for guests at Lamai Camp. The camp also has a swimming pool with a view of the plains, a natural rock deck, and sunbeds. Private guiding and bush walks are also available here.

Mwiba Lodge

Mwiba Lodge, perched high on massive stone boulders surrounded by ancient coral and acacia trees, exudes the grandeur and awe-inspiring affluence of a fabled lost city. This opulent lodge seamlessly blends top-tier contemporary design with traditional African elements, elevating your safari experience to royalty-level status. Guest satisfaction is prioritized, with the assurance of a private safari vehicle and guide per booking.

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