Sustainable Tourism

In our office

For sustainable tourism practices, ​our office have adopted a number of policies to reuse, recycle and conserve wherever possible. These include:

  • Paper conservation efforts such as two sided printing
  • Changes to energy efficient lighting
  • Powering off computers during lunches and when leaving for the day
  • Using recycled paper where possible (including our price list)
  • Providing more information by email and internet, reducing printed documents

Water Bottle Initiative

As plastic is not bio-degradable, it just breaks up into tiny pieces over time and remains plastic. It will take a water bottle well over 450 years to break down completely and nearly 90% of water bottles are not recycled and wind up in landfills where it takes thousands of years for the plastic to decompose – that’s why Laba Africa has started giving every client new re-usable metal water bottle for them to keep, reducing the amount of plastic waste being generated hence sustainable tourism 

In our planning

We have designed a number of Sustainable Safaris itineraries that reduce the dependency on vehicles. Also, we now have a variety of activities that allow cultural interaction with proceeds helping the community. These include:

  • Walking, hiking and trekking safaris
  • Fly-in safaris (saving the need for vehicles driving long distances)
  • Community activities where our safari participants get involved

In our workshops

We have taken a number of steps in our workshops to make sure that we can reduce the carbon footprint created by our safaris. These include:

  • Proper tyre inflation
  • Engine tune-ups to improve fuel consumption
  • Recycling of oil
  • Driver training on driving techniques to reduce fuel usage

Tree Mapping

We have partnered with Tree Adoption Uganda a youth centric NGO powered by the vision of Creating communities where people and nature flourish through landscape restoration activities like planting trees and agroforestry .

We are supporting to resilience for small holder farmers against the changing climate while economically empowering communities through training on setting up and managing indigenous tree nurseries and tree farms.

We help bring tree planting to the very heart of each individual family all over the country focusing on inspiring a nature-inclined transformation and change of heart in each member of a house hold. This way we arouse a passion among community members to work towards sustainable tourism agricultural practices, conservation and restoration of under green areas.

Tree Mapping.

Each tourist on who travel with us on our sustainable safaris will have adopted 2 trees which are mapped and information such as tree specie,image,dates planted and GPS location of the tree. This data can be accessed by our clients from everywhere they may be.

We are working tirelessly to offset the carbon produced our safaris into the environment by adopting trees in the people of the world forest.  People of the world Forest is a being planted by you and I, all of us.

Sustainable tourism
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