7 Days Mt Elgon Hike, Sipi Falls & Nile Rafting

Tour Details

The  7 Days Mt Elgon Hike Sipi Falls & Nile Rafting safari in Uganda, will take you to Mountain Elgon, Sipi Falls hike and white water rafting at the source of the river Nile in Jinja. Mount Elgon is a 4,321m high extinct volcano which in prehistoric times stood taller than Mount Kilimanjaro does today. Hike to the Wagagai peak on this 7 Days Complete Circuit Trail while enjoying the spectacular scenery on this oft-neglected and relatively undemanding mountain. Also, there is a variety of forest monkeys and small antelope, along with elephants and buffaloes and over 300 birds including many species not recorded elsewhere in Uganda.

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Votre guide vous attendra à l’aéroport d’Entebbe et vous transférera à la maison d’hôtes ViaVia, à seulement 10 minutes en voiture. C’est ici que votre guide Laba Africa vous attendra demain matin pour le début de votre safari de 8 jours-Voyage Ouganda

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Trip Summary

Day 1: Transfer to Mbale, Budadiri Tourism Center
Day 2: Hike to Sasa Camp (2,900m)
Day 3: Hike from Sasa to Mude Camp (3,500m)
Day 4: Hike from Mude Camp to Wagagai Peak (4321m)
Day 5: Descend from Mude Camp to Budadiri. Stay at Lacam Lodge
Day 6: Return Trip to Kampala

Trip Itinerary

Day 1- Transfer to Mbale – Budadiri Tourism center
Day 2- From Budadiri to Sasa Camp (2.900m)
In the morning you reach Budadiri (1250 m), nearby Mbale town, at the gate of the Mount Elgon national Park. After arranging the guide and porters, with food and camping gear, you start walking to Sasa River Camp (2.900m) for the dinner and overnight. The distance is about 8 km. and takes average 7 to 8 hours walk.  Altitude in a day: 1.700m.

Day 3- From Sasa camp to Mude Camp (3.500m)
After breakfast at the camping site, proceed through the forest to Mude Cave Campsite for dinner and overnight. It will take you 4 to 5 hours walk to reach the campsite. Altitude of the day: 600m.

Day 4- From Mude Camp to Wagagayi Peak (4321 m) and return to Mude

After breakfast, you walk through the moorland zone up to the main peak, Wagagai, and return to the Mude campsite for dinner and overnight. The distance is 8 to 9 hours walk Altitude of the day: 820m.

Day 5:  From Mude Camp back to Sippi Falls camp
After breakfast, connect to Sippi falls found in Kapchorwa, north of Mbale. Camp at the Sipi Rest Camp or lacam Lodge.

Day 6: Sipi Falls exploration Transfer to Jinja.
Take a tour around the beautiful sipi falls, visit the caves and later transfer to Jinja.

Day 7: Rafting the and Transfer to Kampala
You will have an early morning breakfast and then transfer to Bujagali waterfalls for white water rafting.
You will then take part in the rafting which gives a deep feeling of how Uganda is surely gifted by nature. In the afternoon, you will transfer back to Kampala marking the end of the trip.

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End of the 7 Days Mt Elgon Hike Sipi Falls & Nile Rafting