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As the founder and CEO LABA AFRICA, Colin’s passion for and commitment to the continent where he was born is manifested in the life-changing journeys that he creates for his international clientele. Living between Europe, Uganda and Tanzania for the past 7 years has given this Uganda-born entrepreneur a profound understanding of the needs and desires of sophisticated European and American travelers who come to Laba Africa Expeditions because they don’t have the time to get it wrong.

Operations Consultant


Born and raised in Switzerland, Morgane studied a degree in Business Administration majoring in Finance  moving to DR Congo to do something purposeful with doctors without borders. Morgane attaches great importance to social sustainability and prefers to travel to the local people on an equal footing. Her travels in Africa, some of which have lasted months, have so far taken her to Tanzania, DR Congo, Rwanda and now she is based in Kampala Uganda. We look forward to presenting you with Morgane’s exciting journeys in Eastern Africa.

Our Guides



Ben joined is our youngest member of our team. He started as a guide at Laba Africa in 2018 during his internship training and due to his passion for Tourism, the company gave him an opportunity to return after perusing his Tourism diploma and undertake comprehensive training.

Ben loves children and has a good sense of humor he is very  hard working knowledgeable and has great customer care as has been commended by most of the travelers that have enjoyed his services.



Alonso’s name sounds “Italian” but don’t let his name fool you. Alonso is a young man and a fun-loving guide who loves talking with guests and meeting new people. His interest in wildlife introduced him to the world of guiding, where he worked for 7 years. 

With so much passion for birding and entomology.  Being a very personable guide helps him relate stories he has heard and searched about on Uganda and the world at large with his sense of humor, enables him to offer his general wildlife knowledge and experience and ensures he operates a first class safari, this with a great experience in caring for clients makes him dependable, reliable, trustable and an excellent guide



Robert is one of our most experienced safari guides at Laba Africa. He is an energetic and passionate young man with 15 years experience as a  safari guide. His vast knowledge about Uganda has put him at the top of the most requested for guide. 

He is versatile and easily adjusts to every situation. Be it a couple on honeymoon or a family with children, Robert offers some of the best experiences one would ask for during their Uganda safari. His stories bring laughter to both the old and the young. 



Mohammed is one of our valuable team members . He is our professional tour guide born and raised Zanzibar. Tourism is his passion and has experience of  5 years. He love travel because he believe is the best way of explore the world, learning a new culture and meet new people. Zanzibar it is characterized by beautiful sandy beaches with fringing coral reefs, and the magic of the stone town area and incredibly rich history centuries. Zanzibar one the best Island in the world it would be hard to talk a bout the perfect beach holiday without mentioning Zanzibar Island. It offer opportunities for snorkeling, partying, taste local food and visiting local market and museum. I will allow you to experience the beauty of Zanzibar which will make your lifetime experience.


South Sudan

Born and raised alont the river Nile in a Mundari cattle camp, Pitia is a strong pillar to Laba Africa Expeditions and his community. He is a mundari himself a cattle keeping community that is known for having resisted modernity and live simple as they lived 1000s of years back.

Pitias love for tourism started just a couple years ago after the world’s youngest nation got independence. He holds no formal education and training in tourism but the skills he has acquired on the job makes him the best tour guide in South Sudan a country where very few people know about the concept of tourism. As a matter of fact, some immigration officials and locals  here  will wonder what has brought you to the country since most dont know about tourism

Photo of Uganda safari picnic in Ishasha Uganda

This team of dedicated personnel has planned and executed many a safari. The reviews speak for the themselves. Our team your service. Want to encounter the gorillas in their habitat? trek through the tropical forests in search of chimps? Or are you an adrenaline junkie looking for your next fix. Let our team of dedicated experts help you plan your perfect African safari adventure. 

Are you looking for a reliable and cost friendly safari vehicle for a self drive safari? With the vast experience in the business, we will help you plan and offer the right equipment for a memorable self drive safari. 

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