Film Fixer in South Sudan

Choose Laba Africa Expeditions as your Film Fixer in South Sudan. We have established strategic relationships and partnerships to make locations accessible. In  the case of South Sudan, we have built relationships at point of entry that have more than halved the cost of equipment importation – no-one can even vaguely match us in this regard. The same applies to accommodation, equipment and vehicle hire, where we have looked for partnerships who will make your lives easier.

Film Fixer in South Sudan


If you are looking for a South Sudan location scout, contact us, We are the go-to team for South Sudan – we are not an expense, we are a budget-saver!

If you use us as your South Sudan location fixer, we can unlock South Sudan locations that will provide amazing opportunities for your productions. We will take you to Mundari cattle camps , Dinka cattle camps to the many National parks South Sudan has to offer

Despite all the challenges South Sudan has been through, it has always been open to business – and the friendliness of the people make South Sudan one of our favorite location destination.

But you need to know what you are doing – and Laba Africa Expeditions Film Fixer in South Sudan has established a strong infrastructure and support network that has made us one the the chosen points of access to South Sudan for international crews.

Contact us for more information on South Sudan, as well as details on the required film visas and film permits.

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