Film Fixer in South Sudan


If you are looking for a South Sudan location scout, contact us, We are the go-to team for South Sudan – we are not an expense, we are a budget-saver! If you use us as your South Sudan location fixer, we can unlock South Sudan locations that will provide amazing opportunities for your productions. We will take you to Mundari cattle camps , Dinka cattle camps to the many National parks South Sudan has to offer Despite all the challenges South Sudan has been through, it has always been open to business – and the friendliness of the people make South Sudan one of our favorite location destination. But you need to know what you are doing – and Laba Africa Expeditions Film Fixer in South Sudan has established a strong infrastructure and support network that has made us one the the chosen points of access to South Sudan for international crews. Contact us for more information on South Sudan, as well as details on the required film visas and film permits.

For information about a specific location, please contact Laba Africa. When filming on location, particularly in Juba, production teams may be asked to provide their press credentials. As harmless as it may seem, filming in Juba is extremely difficult and can quickly get you into trouble if you don’t have the correct contacts or the required qualifications.

When is the best time to go Filming in South Sudan

Filming in South Sudan depends a lot of the weather. South Sudan experiences mild weather with intermittent seasonal rain. Both wet and dry seasons exist. The dry season comes after the rainy season, which lasts from April to November. Storms and heavy rainfall are predicted for April.
The dry season, which lasts from late December to late March, is the ideal time to travel to south Sudan. Many roads may be closed when it rains something that can make filming in South Sudan complicated. South Sudan experiences relatively constant temperatures throughout the year; average July temperatures fall between 20 and 30 °C, while March temperatures are slightly higher, falling between 23 and 37 °C.

Costs of Filming in South Sudan

Local expenses in South Sudan are low for things like talent, a supporting cast, etc . The cost of imported goods varies. Since there is little to no infrastructure for film making, all essential personnel and supplies must be imported from elsewhere. The closest significant industrial hub is in Kenya. To fit every budget, we always negotiate regional deals and offer the proper amount of production support.

Film Fixing Crew & Talent

In South Sudan, there aren’t many directors, videographers, or still photographers. The majority of the crew must be imported from abroad. Simple projects can be assisted by nearby supporting crews. More knowledgeable crews from Laba Africa Expeditions will search for one or any you desire based on your shot if you need to look deeper.

For all of this kind of assistance, contact Laba Africa if you need a photographer, videographer (cameraman/camera operator), camera assistant (focus puller), sound operator, grip, gaffer, stylist, hair and makeup, PA/runner, production driver, or any other film crew for your shoot in South Sudan.

Day prices and buyouts for talent are negotiable. The talent pool of South Sudan is exclusively composed of African people. The Bantu, Nilotic, and Central-Sudanic peoples make up the major ethnic groups. Other looks must be imported from abroad.

South Sudan Film Equipment

We can get all standard camera, grip, and lighting equipment available locally and from nearby Uganda and Kenya. Bringing in gear is a simple process. Customs fees are depending on the value of imported equipment but our fixer can work out a flat fee. Send us your gear list and we can advise accordingly.


To help you avoid the high roaming fees of phoning to and from Africa, our Laba Africa local film fixer arranges local cell phones and online communications. casting, scouting, and videoconferencing on the internet. We provide a virtual video village option for customers who are unable to attend the performance. Clients from one or more time zones can observe preparations without any restrictions and interact in real-time with the crew on set thanks to this specialized and secure high-resolution video streaming platform.

Visas and Work Permits

Each visiting crew member must have a press accreditation for South Sudan. Processing requires 14 working days once the necessary visitor documentation has been provided. The 30-day press credential validity period. This permit must be presented by visitors at the border, when passing their luggage through customs, and while filming within South Sudan. All visiting crew members can have this set up thanks to Laba Africa Fixer. Each person must pay USD175 for press credentials.

What we need from each Film Fixing Crew Member:

  1. Headed cover letter addressed to the South Sudan Media  Council stating 
the purpose of your visit to Uganda.
  2. Scanned photocopies of the passport
  3. Two scanned passport size photos
  4. USD 200 per crew member press accreditation fee.

All visitors from other countries need visas to enter South Sudan. All of your visa applications will be handled by us. You can get an invitation letter for you and your crew from our regional staff. Depending on your nationality, the cost of a tourist visa ranges from $100 to $200.

Keep in mind that you must always have proof of your yellow fever vaccine.

Transportation and lodging

The state of important highways varies widely. Due to the hard-packed nature of rural roads, many of them become hazardous or impassable during periods of severe rain. It’s best to avoid nighttime travel, and Laba Africa Film Fixers arranges for trustworthy 44 specialised vehicles for transportation.

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