French Speaking Safari Guides In Uganda

Meet our French speaking safari guides in Uganda . Henry started his safari guiding career in 2004 and has a depth of experience that he brings to his clients. He is outgoing and loves interacting with people and accepting the challenge of seeing to it that their holiday is a success. He takes pride in a job well done. Prior to guiding, Henry was an instructor of ecological conservation at Royal College. Henry considers it a privileged to engage in a profession that shares the unlimited wonders that Uganda has to offer with guests.


Walugembe Samuel Colin is another French Speaking safari guide based in Uganda. He  was enthralled with his first trip on safari, as it was a dream come true, so his professional imperative is to be sure that his clients reach their safari dreams too. He truly loves his work. Samuel  is guided by a desire to provide space for his clients to feel, touch and breathe nature. He has honed his expertise in the bush for 4 years, and is one of the more experienced guides on the team  of  French Speaking Safari Guides In Uganda