Mundari Tribe

Mundari Tribe of South Sudan Laba Africa Expeditions Tours

Photo of Mundari people in the Cattle camp alongside River Nile

Meet the Mundari Tribe. We always think of Dogs as man’s best friends right? Meet the Mundari people of South Sudan. South Sudan is the world’s youngest country, and it has witnessed many rapid changes since gaining independence in 2011. The promise of peace has given way to civil war, and tribal rifts continue to run deep.

Mundari people  stay alongside the river Nile North of the South Sudanese Capital Juba where they setup migratory cattle camps in because of the search for green and fresh grasses for their very precious cows. The breed of these highly priced cows is the Ankole-Watusi, a horned breed known as “the cattle of kings.”  Mundari people see these cows as the most expensive thing they have because each cow can cost from 400$ to 600$. These cows are also used for payment of bride price for a young Mundari boy to be allowed to marry.

Are Mundari people religious?

Unlike the neighboring tribes like the Dinka Tribe that have largely converted to Christianity, Mundari People have kept an animistic religious practices. Since mundari also belong to the Nilotic tribes in South Sudan and Uganda, they practice of ritual scarification because it is a passage into adulthood for young men.

Mundari Cattle camp Photo of Laba Africa Expeditions

What do Mundari Tribe People eat?

It might be surprising to hear but Mundari people almost never eat their cows. However they tend to drink milk, yoghurt mixed with cow Urine and sometimes fish from the nearby river Nile.

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