White Water Rafting in Jinja

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White water rafting in Jinja is one of the most exhilarating adventures one can embark on. However, rafting on the Nile isn’t for the faint-hearted. One needs to have a bold soul and an adventurous spirit. White water rafting is done on the River Nile, right after it departs from Lake Victoria. Uganda is a landlocked country and borders Kenya, DR Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, and South Sudan. This small nation was named the Pearl of Arica by Church Winston due to its stunningly beautiful scenery and varied climate. The northern part of the country is semiarid while the central and southern part is tropical.

White Water rafting in Jinja

White water rafting in Jinja takes place on the Nile, a few kilometers from its source Lake Victoria. Here, the water fast flows over the rapids creating a perfect tempest of fun. This is the ideal destination for the adventurous spirit. The scenic beauty, the drowning sounds of the rapids, the smiling faces, and the beautiful bird life by the river banks is something short of magical.

Due to the construction of hydroelectric dams, some rapids have disappeared. Although the rafting in Jinja is no longer a full day, the half-day adventures are just enough. For your rafting adventure, you will head to Jinja town, a 2-hour drive from the capital Kampala or 3 hours from the main airport Entebbe.

Where to stay in Jinja

There are variety of lodges to pick from in Jinja or by the banks of the Nile. These range from luxury, and mid-range to camping. Some of these lodges overlook some of the rapids. The soothing sounds of the rapids can be heard at the Haven Eco Lodge. Some rafting companies offer great accommodation at their base camps. At Laba Africa, we offer customized full-board safari packages with accommodation included.

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The Adventure Begins

On the morning of your rafting in Jinja adventure, the rafting company will give you an introduction on what to anticipate during the activity. Note: Leave all your electronics and gadgets behind unless you want to leave them at the bottom of the Nile. Don’t worry about pictures and videos. The rescue raft takes all the photos and they will be given to you at the end of your rafting adventure. Other rafts and Kayakas will be available to fish you out of the water (that’s a guarantee).

Further instructions and practice runs are offered once you get into the water. How to maneuver the rafts and what to do once the rafts flip are some of the important practices done. Head downstream. For the novices, you will skip the first rapid. It is way out of your league. You will get out of the raft, walk on land, around it and proceed to the second one. As excitement and anxiety build, you will slowly float downstream. The scenery here is beautiful. Your first rapid comes with a lot of excitement. You may not flip but the adrenaline courses through your veins. 

The Monster Rapid

Before this monster rapid, you will slowly course down the river with some time for a quick snack. Then comes the heavy hitter. This rapid is big and one needs a heart of steel. The raft is more likely to flip. Be ready to be thrown out of the raft into the river. The rescue kayaks are there to pick you up and get you back into the raft. You are equipped with a life jacket even if you are an experienced swimmer. After the raft flips, you will be sucked under by the power of the water (even with your life jacket). It will be hard not to swallow any water. You may feel like you are about to drown (that’s why a briefing and instructions is done at the beginning).  The rafting experience is completely safe since you have a team of highly trained fun loving staff working with on.

You will be fished out of the water in a matter of seconds (might feel like ages when you are battling the Nile). Don’t be surprised when the once jolly and adventurous tourists look like they have survived a near death experience. After this monster rapid, there is another rapid. Under the right conditions, you may tip over but some (many of them) choose to safely go after it after their “near-death experience”. You will soon come to the ending point. The rafting experience culminates with lunch, a few beers, and a hearty shared laugh. You will then proceed back to your lodge for a relaxing afternoon. With this checked off your bucket list, you can proceed and further explore what more Uganda has in store for you.

Other activities

Quad Biking

Quad biking in Jinja takes you to the shores of River Nile for amazing adventures. Participants are issued either manual or automated motorcycles. Following the briefing and training, cyclists are outfitted with overalls, helmets, and other safety gear. The party then follows the leader on the exciting ride into the countryside. The guide will narrate details and stories about the River Nile and Jinja town to you while you ride. You should dress appropriately not just to avoid being impacted by dirt or dust, but also to ensure your comfort while riding. The quad biking operator will supply protective clothing such as overalls and gumboots to protect against dirt and wet surfaces, but you are welcome to bring your own. Cameras must also be transported in dust and water proof bags.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is one of the most insane things you will ever do. It entails jumping from a 44-meter-high tower into the Nile, with a rope wrapped around the ankles. Bungee jumping is popular all around the world, but we’re talking about doing it over the world’s longest river. One gets a bird’s eye perspective of the countryside below when they leap from the higher platform. This is not an exercise for the faint of heart; it takes little more than 2 minutes, but the memory will last a lifetime. The Bungee jumping spot in Jinja is perhaps Africa’s greatest and most exhilarating. The jumps are held both during the day and at night. The crew has received multiple international honors for arranging the activity to the best standards imaginable. Bungee jumping costs $115 for 1 person in Jinja.

Horse Riding

Riding a horse is a rare hobby in Uganda. Touring a national park or a rural community on horseback is a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable way to explore Africa’s animals and sceneries. Only Jinja town can compete with Mihingo safari resort in Lake Mburo National Park for the greatest horseback riding experience. Whereas horseback safaris in Lake Mburo allow visitors to get up and personal with the park’s animals, the Jinja arrangement is designed to give visitors a taste of African village life while admiring the panoramic views of the Nile and tea gardens.
Nile horseback Safaris is the major horseback safari business in Jinja.. Their horses are well-experienced and schooled, and they understand what is expected of them. Each horse is equipped with a mounting block, saddlebags, and a rain jacket, which come in helpful during the rainy season.

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