Car Rent Uganda

4x4 Car Rent in Uganda

Cars for rent in Uganda with and without rooftop tents is one of the best ways to enjoy the pearl of Africa. Enjoy self drive safaris in Uganda when you rent our Safari land cruiser jeeps on Self-drive safari Uganda or with our driver / guide Laba Africa Expeditions.  A self drive in Uganda gives you peace of mind while on your  adventure holidays of visiting the mountain gorillas for gorilla trekking safaris are a reliable partner to anyone who wants to tour independently East Africa. We are with you throughout your self drive safari in Uganda should you need any road side assistance.

Are you that traveler who likes to explore places on a self drive safaris or car rent in Uganda with a driver? We got you covered with our comprehensively insured safari cars with pop up roofs perfect for Game viewing and no animal will go unnoticed.

Explore Uganda on Self drive Car rent in Uganda with Special rates for one way .  Lets help you Book Gorilla permits, chimp permits, Safari Lodges, Campsites at  zero extra cost if you confirm your Car Rental With Us.
We offer free road maps, a GPS at an Extra Cost of USD 5 for long Car Rentals. We are always available to assist you 24/7 during your African self drive safari

Practical advise for Car Rent In Uganda.

  • Its possible to rent a car for self-drive or rent a car in Uganda with a driver
  • We advise to rent a car in Uganda with a roof top tent.
  • Come along with a good camera
  • Flat tires are part of the adventure
  • In case of a major breakdown on the car rented in Uganda, we shall get you another car within 10 hours where-ever you’re in Uganda.
  • We have comprehensive insurance on all cars
  • Bring your cameras but we strongly advice not to take photos with ” poor” kids simple because its unethical.
  • It is safe to rent a car in Uganda and go onto a self drive safari alone.

Car Rent in Uganda

One of the most popular when it comes to rough roads of  Uganda and Self drive safari in east Africa . We also have normal tents with full camping gear. Rooftop tent Land cruiser is available in both Manual and Automatic gear comfortable for a maximum of 3 pax. An extra top tent is available on request for more than 2 persons.

4×4 Land Cruiser with Root Tent, Diesel Engine, Model 2000.

Prado TX with popup roof

One of the most popular 4×4 This TX Landcruiser with pop-up roof has the best wildlife viewing pop up roof . Its perfect for 4 people with camping gear. It’s automatic Fuel consumption is around 8 km/liter.

These vehicles are customized for African off road experience and not brand new cars , so the comfort level can’t be compared to a new cars you probably drive in Europe or US

Prado Tx with popup roof.

Land cruiser V8

The legendary Land Cruiser V8 has been further refined and reinforced. Most users who rented this car in Uganda and Tanzania have mentioned that It ensures robust build and durability as it tackles the most challenging muddy tracks and mountain ranges for more than 60 years. With a striking design, luxurious interior and improved capabilities, the Land Cruiser is the ultimate 4×4 for rent while in Uganda for those keen and comfort, stability and power!

The most amazing thing about this v8 is it can take a family of 4 since its can carry 2 roof tents on top and its very spacious

Car rent Uganda-Laba Africa Expeditions

4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop

Toyota Land Cruiser hardtop  is excellent for off-road driving and self drive safaris in East Africa.  Seating capacity is 4 persons. It has 2 spare tires, lift jack, mini-fridge and Air-conditioned.

Fully equipped Land Cruiser Hardtop

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