Social Responsibility

In our offices

Our offices have adopted a number of policies to reuse, recycle and conserve wherever possible. These include:

  • Paper conservation efforts such as two sided printing
  • Changes to energy efficient lighting
  • Powering off computers during lunches and when leaving for the day
  • Using recycled paper where possible (including our price list)
  • Providing more information by email and internet, reducing printed documents

In our planning

We have designed a number of itineraries that reduce the dependency on vehicles. Also, we now have a variety of activities that allow cultural interaction with proceeds helping the community. These include:

  • Walking, hiking and trekking safaris
  • Fly-in safaris (saving the need for vehicles driving long distances)
  • Community activities where our safari participants get involved

In our workshops

We have taken a number of steps in our workshops to make sure that we can reduce the carbon footprint created by our safaris. These include:

  • Proper tyre inflation
  • Engine tune-ups to improve fuel consumption
  • Recycling of oil
  • Driver training on driving techniques to reduce fuel usage

Walking Safaris reduce vehicle impact on the environment

Constant vehicle maintenance provides efficient fuel consumption

Support for local groups dealing with people & wildlife

Fly-In safaris to help reduce vehicle usage

Scheduled Safaris

We have a number of scheduled safaris departing every after two weeks throughout the year. Click on the link to find out more.

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