Top 10 birds you can watch on a Safari

The bird population of Uganda is highly diverse, with over 1,090 species recorded in the country. The list also includes endangered bird species, like the rare Shoebill. During your birding safari in Uganda, you will encounter Orange-breasted Waxbill , Shelly’s Crimson wing, Chapin’s Flycatcher, Grant’s Bluebill, Grey-winged Robin-Chat, and Papyrus Yellow Warbler. Other avian fauna includes Egyptian Geese, Hadada Ibises, Black Kites, African harrier hawks, Eurasian Hobby, Red-throated Flycatchers, White-tailed Lark, Cinnamon-breasted Rock-warbler, and Papyrus Yellow Warbler

You can learn more about  common bird species in the region here  like the palearctic migrants such as White Storks, Black Kites, and Spotted Flycatchers, and resident species such as Ground Hornbill, Great White Pelican, Martial Eagle, Crowned Hornbill, Palm-nut Vulture, and Black-headed Gonolek.

  1. Green-breasted Pitta

Also termed as a rare bird, the Green-breasted Pitta is mainly found in the central and East African countries. It is a unique bird species with a splendid collection of different colours that are so attractive to look at.

  1. Shoebill

Top 10 birds you can watch on a Safari

The Shoebill Stork (Balaeniceps rex) is an endangered African bird. Swamps and wetlands are its primary habitats in tropical east and southeast Africa. However, because of their concentration in wetlands, shoebill storks are mostly seen in Uganda, especially around Lake Victoria. This bird can be found during a trip to the Mabamba swamp on the edges of Lake Victoria. During the Mabamba Swamp tour, visitors can get close and personal with various bird species, including the rare shoebill stork.

  1. The Great Blue Turaco and White-crested Turaco

In the country,these birds are found in large numbers and they are mainly found around water bodies. The great Turaco is one of the largest and most exquisite birds that this country boosts of.

  1. African Green Broadbill

The eye-catching colours are one of the unique features of this bird which is found in only 2 places in the world. Tourists can only watch the Green Broadbill in Uganda or Democratic Republic of Congo. In East Africa, this bird can only be found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

  1. Standard-winged Nightjar

Characterized by central flight feathers that appear during breeding season, Standard-winged Nightjar birds are one of the must-watch birds in this country.Their beautiful wings are so interesting to look at as they fly over high in the sky.

  1. Shelley’s Crimsonwing

Believe me, this is one of the rare birds in the world because it’s hard to find them like other species. They have an interesting lifestyle and they live in a thin strip of mountains (Albertine Rift) which borders Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.

  1. Doherty’s Bushshrike

These are mainly found in the subtropical montane forests and their bright colors make it easy to view on a birding safari . There population is stable and visitors can get a chance of viewing them in a flock.

  1. Short-tailed warbler

Found in various rainforests, the Short-tailed warbler is one of the most beautiful birds which are interesting to look at. These birds can also be found in Rwanda and democratic Republic of Congo but for a clearer view, I would suggest that you travel to Uganda.

  1. Black-breasted Barbet

Many visitors (bird watchers) enjoy looking at the Black-breasted Barbet as it flies in the sky is an arranged pattern. It is one of the rare birds and one must have been lucky to see them. In this East African country, there are higher chances that you will encounter this bird as you walk through some of the forests.

  1. Bar-tailed Trogon

This magnificent bird species mainly found in the East and Central Africa is one of the special specie you will enjoy while on your visit.

There are other bird species in this beautiful nation full of great sceneries and you can only witness their beauty by visiting the country. Our company can arrange an adventurous bird watching safari to Uganda for you at low costs. All you need to do is to inquire with us on this website and we shall give you a quick response. Top 10 birds you can watch on a Safari

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