Akagera National Park Rules and Regulations

Like any area of conservation, there are rules and regulations to help the preservation of the wildlife. The regulations are set up inorder to prohibit humans from interfering with the life and peace of the mammals in the park. If not reinforced could lead to the degredation of the co-existance of both humans and wildlife in the park. Below are Akagera national park rules and regulations.

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Akagera national park rules and regulations.

In order to have a safe and enjoyable time in Akagera National Park, Here is a comprehensive guide on the rules and regulations in Akagera National Park please follow them carefully.

  • Visitors must remain in their vehicles unless in a marked campsite or picnic area. Do not wonder outside campsites, and never far from your vehicle when at unfenced campsites or picnic areas.

  • Stick to the speed limit! Most roads are single track dirt roads. Drive no faster than 40 km/h on all roads to avoid collisions with wildlife & other vehicles.

  • Please consult your guide, or ask at reception before your departure about roads suitable for your vehicle at this time. Recent rain may make roads inaccessible before the park management has time to close them. Please use common sense and avoid waterlogged roads to avoid getting stuck.

  • Akagera National Park is open to day visitors from 6am to 6pm. Day visitors must be leaving the park by 6pm. If you have not exited and we cannot get hold of you we will start a search & rescue operation. If you initiate an operation, you are liable for all costs incurred which may include vehicle(s) and or helicopter as deemed appropriate by the park management.

  • Do not drive off-road, keep to the designated roads. This is important to avoid getting lost,

    making ambiguous tracks & causing damage to the vegetation. Rarely used roads may become inaccessible, do not follow mapped roads unless you can clearly see the track.

  • Do not leave any litter, or throw any rubbish. Bins are NOT provided to encourage visitors to take responsibility for their own waste. Please take out what you bring in & keep our park clean!

  • Overnight visitors are to use designated campsites only, or a recognised facility, no bush camping. When camping, light fires in designated fire areas only, do not leave fire unattended and make sure fires are fully extinguished before leaving. Fires have been started inadvertently by tourists.

  • Do not take out of the park any flowers, plants, rocks, wood, bones or any other natural articles you may have found inside the park. These are all protected within the park and play a part in the parks’ eco-system providing food, shelter and other requirements for wildlife.

  • Do not feed wild animals. They will lose their natural fear of people, this is highly dangerous.

  • No riding on the top of vehicles, or in the back of open vehicles.

  • No drones are allowed to be flown inside Akagera. Refer to the drone policy for further details.

  • You will be asked to show your receipt on departure. Please keep this with you.

  • No pets allowed inside the park.


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