Car Rental in Tanzania

Overall, Car rental refers to a car company or an agency that lends out cars for the private transportation of passengers to the public in a short period for a fee. The major key for car rental companies in Tanzania is to provide travelers with the chance to obtain cars for different use like terrains, durations, and prices but before a traveler visits that car rental company, we advise you to always do research first. About the requirements needed or expended to produce as a customer to rent you their car.

 Here are the documents required; personal identification to prove your identity, Visa, Passport, driver’s license, credit cards as well as proof of reservation or booking all these documents are considered while considering Car Rental in Tanzania.  Some agencies –companies might also require a security deposit, especially those for town usage.

While thinking of car rental in Tanzania, a traveler might face a few challenges in meeting up with service providers for a specific vehicle you agree to. Always compare prices first to see if you’re getting a good deal. More then, if first-timers or experienced travelers wish to rent a car for their travel especially for country road trips and self-drive safaris to feel much extorted the freedom to adventure around the country on your own time or pace. Then we recommend Car Rental in Tanzania as the best solution for you.

Tips for Car Rental in Tanzania

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Although Tanzania is considered a safe country for safaris on a self-drive, road trip, still visitors should always make sure to be keen on their lives and personal belongings. Always try as much as possible to contact the car rental service before you visit there. Make sure you go through the mileage policy of the car service to avoid hidden charges. After you get out of your vehicle make sure you lock the car.

Travelers are recommended to always book their Car Rental in Tanzania in advance to save time and hassle. Booking in time before their travel time allows them to negotiate to get cheaper prices. Customers are expected to present their identification while renting a car such documents as; visas, passports, driver’s licenses, and credit cards among others. Travelers should avoid driving at night and be vigilant about their valuables. Always be very careful about the car rental company’s safety and always make sure you check the credibility of the company.

Travelers must consider companies that offer optional extra insurance to avoid the need to leave a security deposit. In actual sense, the car extra insurance is not a legal requirement for renting a car. Sometimes the staff might offer an upgrade to the customer who always considers their budget before taking the offer. The customer has to consider different requirements, prices, and policies to ensure that is the best deal for them. They should consider whether the company is safe and certified for your intended travel.

Travelers should make sure that the vehicle they are in deal with is in good condition for that specific trip. Choose the best car-vehicle for yourself – a great option for choosing a vehicle must focus on a rugged vehicle with good ground clearance and capable for the poor roads found off the track. The minimum car rental age in Tanzania should be at least 21 years of age and one must be holding a valid domestic driver’s license well printed in the Roman Alphabet.


Car Rental Option in Tanzania

Car Rental with Driver in Tanzania

Car rental with a driver is a fundamental car rental option that offers flexible road trips in Tanzania or safari destinations to enable you to learn more about the local culture and wildlife in Tanzania’s Safari Destination. All the guides given out are fluent in English and Swahili speaking. You can also get a German, Spanish, or fresh-speaking driver guide for your excellent road trip or safari trip in Tanzania.

Car rental with drivers is one of the best options to go with as a visitor expects all from the driver-guide while doing game drives in safari parks or country road trips. The driver can be knowing the best place to go for a lunch break and others. He will also help you in fine-tuning your planned itinerary along the way and advise you about the perfect accommodations and good value-for-money lodges in Tanzania.

Car rental with a driver in Tanzania is cheap and offers the best opportunity to visitors who visit Tanzania on safari exploration. A such touristic destination that stuns the minds of tourists here includes; A visit to the famous Serengeti National Park, Ruaha National Park Mkomazi National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, Arusha National Park, Mikumi National Park and also a visit to Moshi, Dar es Salaam. 

Other Tips Considered When Hiring a Car with A Driver in Tanzania

The car must be convenient to access any destination of your choice. It doesn’t require you to have full information about different safari destinations planned since you will have to go with a driver’s guide. Must be both efficient and effective by enabling you to explore the true sales of Tanzania’s tourism on the World Tourism Organization. You must consider cars that enable you to adventure all the safari destinations to be gainful in it.

What to Expect – Car Rental with A Driver in Tanzania

A driver-guide given to you for a safari in Tanzania’s National Park must be an expert in both manual and Automatic Jeeps. A driver–guide must be professional in what he is doing in other words knowledgeable about Tanzania. They must be trustworthy and hospitable. A driver-guide must be fluent in speaking different languages; French, Germany, English, and others.

Must be knowing all roads in Tanzania. Must be trusted in making plans. Other offers for travelers on Car Rental with a driver in Tanzania. Car rental with a driver; The term car rental with a driver means a person employed to drive a rental car and must be an expert in knowing the different specific destinations and the routings. Car rental with a driver also gives out special offers to their customers like a discounted price for long-term Car Rental in Tanzania to other neighboring countries; Uganda, Burundi, and Rwanda for gorgeous Self Drive Tanzania Tours and other Car Rental Deals to several Safari destinations. Other offers given are free hotel bookings, wildlife park entrance, and Visa application.

Car Rental in Tanzania

Types of Car Rental with A Driver Guide in Tanzania

There are quite flexible and convenient Car rental types being offered to visitors while renting a Car rental with a driver as explained below;

Standard Land Cruiser

These type of vehicle are perfect for taking Self Drive Safari in Tanzania as it accesses you to different safari destination of your wish.

Roof Top Land Cruiser

This type of vehicle is more convenient for you to drive trips around the national parks as it is well designed for your comfortable seats to enjoy the trip.

Extended Land Cruiser

This kind of vehicle is good to hire with friends and family while taking a visit to Tanzania’s most visited National Parks –Serengeti and Lake Manyara National Park.

Double Roof Top Cruiser

This type of vehicle is perfectly well maintained to enable you to enjoy Tanzania’s self-drive.

Note, Cars hired in Tanzania are both reliable and have 4×4 wheels. They offer unlimited mileage, Brandt Travel Guide, a road map to assist you in locating the planned visited destination, comprehensive insurance as well as 24/7 roadside assistance.

Self-Drive Car Rental in Tanzania Destinations

However, the term self-drive car rental means renting a car yourself. Self-Drive Car Rental Tanzania perfectly serves cheap with comfortable 4 wheels to their customers who look for remarkable safari trips at less accountability. When it comes to adventure Tanzanian Road trips, you will gain much excitement from adventuring to dramatic coastline routes and lush green landscapes there’s no other memorable destination to traverse on a self-guided safari than paying a visit to Tanzania.

So we recommend visitors planning to go for self-drive in Tanzania book a comfortable 4×4 car Rental. Just know Self-Drive Tanzania is the finest in drafting trips to Tanzanian National Parks and Game Reserves with a remark of enjoying wildebeest migration in Serengeti National Park. They are also good at offering the perfect one-way car rental options on daily or monthly rental to enjoy special car hire prices from car rental experts in East African countries like Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi.

However, the best option to explore the various Tanzania Safari Destination with family and friends is by using Self Driving Car. More so, Car Rental Tanzania offers to visitors a thrilling opportunity for adventure and enjoying the choice yourself, it might be an adventure, accommodation to sleep, and all included in the travel journey at your convenience.

They are also good at arranging Luxury Tanzania Safari Itineraries daily, inclusive of all safari needs and requirements in Tanzania. The self-drive car rental offers great safari tours in different locations of East Africa –East Africa Tours; adventuring along Lake Victoria and Visiting Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania. All safaris are best done as a family or couple.

Long-Term Car Rental in Tanzania

Well, long-term car rental means renting a vehicle as long as needed could be renting it for an extended vacation adventure or business project which can be rented for weeks, a month, or longer. One engaging in long-term car rental is the best way to come up with the most iconic travel Destination-Tanzania and Dar es Salaam.

The long-term car rental in Tanzania also organizes perfect accommodation for visitors who plan to stay in the area for a couple of days. They offer the flexibility of renting a car for either month to month or more. Note the longer you rent, the more you will save. Long-term rental in Tanzania is a fabulous deal for all travelers wishing to adventure into long self-drive Tanzania to view the most amazing Tanzania Wildlife Tours. Safari destinations to be adventured in like; Lake Manyara National Park, Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Ruaha National Park, Tarangire National Park, Katavi National Park, Gombe Stream, Mikumi National Park, a visit to Dar-es-Salaam and Zanzibar.

Long-term car rental is a cost-saving solution, as emergency car replacement after an accident can be provided. They offer a well-maintained car rental fleet that deals with different safari destinations of your choice. To countries based on; Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya.

List of car rental fleets offered in Car Rental in Tanzania:

4WD Land Cruisers car hire Tanzania

4X4 Land Cruiser Car Rental Tanzania

Toyota Rav 4 Car Hire Tanzania

Mini Vans Car Rental Tanzania

Nissan Patrol Car Rental Tanzania

Short-Term Car Rental in Tanzania

Short-Term car rental in Tanzania;

The term short-term car rental means an agreement made with a lesser to pay for a vehicle in less than a few days. The short-term car rental is excellent in dealing with short safari trips which can take 1 to 5 days and are perfect for travelers on self-drive.

Luxury Car Rental in Tanzania

A luxury car means great vehicles featuring comfy seats, a sleek look, powerful engine thus leading you to travel in style. They usually fit 5 people, with 2 large suitcases and 2 small suitcases. They are comfortably perfect on a business trip or safari in Tanzania. Most people prefer traveling in luxury cars to visit Tanzania’s destination and others because they are comfortable on the road with a classic touch. Still, a luxury car can be hired to take a self-drive experience on a road trip.

Luxury car hire in Tanzania offers all comfortable types of cars you may wish for your perfect travel around the country including;

4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado V8




Airport pickup in Tanzania

The term Airport pickup car means a car that offers a lift from the arriving visitors at the Airport, they usually pack near the airport terminal. Airport pick-up cars in Tanzania are safe rental companies owning a big number of fleets at the airport. Airport pick-ups in Tanzania –offers executive VIP and visitors receptions on arrival to Julius Nyerere International Airport –Terminal 3 and terminal 2 for pick-ups to terminal 1. They deal with all major hotels in Dar es Salaam city and onward travel to Zanzibar.

They offer smart bookings to their customers. Their vehicles are comprised of; Chauffeur Driven Service, Corporate Car Rental, and self-drive rentals.

Chauffeur Driven Services;

The chauffeur is an expert in all of Tanzania’s locations and English-speaking drivers who help visitors to enjoy exploring Dar es Salaam. Corporate Car Rental; Offers transport service in Dar es salaam for traveler’s business staff transport –meeting drop off and pick-ups. Their services are based on both short and long-term bases.

Self-Drive Car Rental in Tanzania

They are always available for rent based on self-drive to experience lifetime memories in Tanzania while in a perfect vehicle.

Car Rental Insurance in Tanzania

Over time, we all need to be safe when traveling to any destination in the specific country of our own choice. However, one renting a car in Tanzania or any other destination has to think about the rental car insurance when taking a great exploration in self-drive safari or road trip in the country. But buying car insurance before you go could save you from spending a lot of money on repair costs.

However, the car rental insurance company in Tanzania has widely built a global business around saving customers 50% versus equivalent coverage at their rental desk.

Tips to save money and enjoy your rental;

Prepay and save; You can hire a car and save 50% compared to the rental, which can be done on online travel agencies.

Take a photo before and after; You need to take photos of any pre-existing damage and nominate those in your rental agreement to avoid excessive charges.

Just say no; If you access in full protection with the rental company, you are free to say no to the hard sell for roadside assistance from the rental company.

The insurance offered and what you need to know;

Collision Damage Waiver ‘’CDW’’-Loss Damage Waiver ‘’LDW’’; Deals with a high excess payable for damages or theft protection.

Super Collison Damage Waiver ‘’SCDW’’; Helps in reducing your remaining excess towards renting fees.

Roadside Assistance Cover; This usually covers roadside costs like towing, fuel, and key lockout.

Personal Accident Insurance ‘’PAI’’; This is good in compensating for personal injuries, available in travel insurance policies.

Full Protection; They allow a passenger to pay 98% of the claim within 3 business days and cover accident-related fees.

They cover damages caused by collisions with animals. They also cover up to the ability limit for each incident and more

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