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Kenya Self-Drive Safari

Self-drive safari refers to an incredible type of safari to explore or adventure a country or specific safari to National Parks in your 4×4 Wheel at an affordable fee but in a comfortable and private car seat for better adventure, however, the better way to explore Kenya as a beautiful country is to hire a dream car of your own to make your African self-drive tours worthwhile. More so, Kenya Self Drive Safari is an extraordinary safari adventure good for travelers who want to enjoy a self-drive safari at their own pace and this is the better way to enjoy the main tourist attraction of Kenya Safari Destination.

The better way to enjoy Kenya Self drive safari than you could imagine, we advise you to use the perfect and comfortable vehicles suitable for your remarkable safari adventure such as; a 4×4 wheel vehicle, Land Rover that offers a five-door station wagon and Rooftop tent to enable you to create your remarkable adventure in the heart of Africa-Kenya. The best Kenya Self-Drive routes are filled with a lot of fun when you tend to do it as a couple, family, or a small group, there are multiple vehicles to hire at your own pace and objectives.

Practical Information
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More than that, for Kenya self-drive, we advise travelers never to go along on their self-drive safari to some safari destinations without an armed guide whom you can hire from the park head offices because you never know you can face a certain incident of big cuts like lions, leopards right amid the jungle and the guide is in charge of your protection and explaining about the attraction of the park.

Kenya Self Drive Safari is one of the incredible safari experiences that enables you to enjoy your own private comfortable 4×4 wheel car. The self-drive safari in Kenya can be arranged by different Kenyan experts on the ground with fully equipped and registered car rental companies.

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Most car rental companies in Kenya are good at arranging lodges, and campsites in the Kenya National Park where you can spend a night while in the wilderness to make your safari gorgeous on African continents. We advise you to always go with ‘’GPS’’ Global Positioning System that helps to navigate tourist location like a safari to Maasai Mara National Park, you will need a GPS since it’s a big-sized park and to navigate its location need to hold a Global Positioning System, as well as printed maps, are needed which are being provided from the car rental company booked in with.

We believe that tourists engaging in Kenya Self Drive Safari at their own pace are the best way to explore Kenya Safari Destination. While the country has got a quiet number of car rental companies to hire a car, they do consist of comfortable, reliable, and affordable fleet vehicles such as; Toyota Hilux Double Cab and Toyota Land cruiser with a pop-up roof and are not subcontracted from third parties. Most of these car rental companies provide road maps, insurance, and 24/7 roadside assistance to customers. Despite the fact, They are also good at planning travel itinerary that offers thrilling routes including various Kenya tourism highlights and lesser-known spots, creating a mixture of landscape, culture as well as wildlife adventure. Generally, Kenya offers the ultimate safari destination.

Tips to Consider When Planning Your Kenya Self Drive Safari

Overall, on a visit to any safari destination a visitor needs to find out all the practical information you acquired to visit Kenya National Parks on an individual self –drive safari, you need to know this first and put it into consideration, such as;

  • Park entrance fees
  • Kenya National Park at a glance
  • How to organize your remarkable game drive?
  • Encountering wild animals


Park Entrance Fees

Over often, Kenya is an outstanding safari destination where millions of tourists flock for great safari, especially during the time for wildebeest migration events that tend to happen from July to October, whereby you can enjoy it in your private car that offers pop rooftops. In spite, Kenya offers over 23 national parks,15 national reserves, and more than 140 private conservancies though all have their pricing system. They are all under the safe protection of ‘’KWS’’ Kenya Wildlife Service in charge of a large number of National Parks, marine parks as well as reserves.

On a visit to one of Kenya’s National Parks every visitor needs to pay park entrance fees, which can be paid with either a credit card ‘’Master Card and Visa ‘’ or Mobile Money ‘’MPESA, made by Safaricom’ ’The foreign visitors on safari to Kenya destination, upon your arrival to Kenya we advise you to buy a SIM Card and register this for MPESA –to ease your trip in Nairobi.

This is because most places in Kenya prefer MPESA payments to cash. Note; Kenya Park entrance fees are not easy to be paid in cash, we recommend you use the smart idea of buying a SIM Card –MPESA.

Those wishing to visit Kenya National Parks, have to put in mind paying park entrance fees before they are allowed to access the park’s activities. Kenya Park entrance fee information can be got from Kenya Wildlife Services.

Best National Parks in Kenya

Kenya has got a variety of wildlife safari destinations, National Parks, reserves, and private conservancies that are all worth an adventure on Kenya safaris. However, Kenya boosts with the most fabulous safari destination that you can adventure win with your rental car. But before you take a drive to one of these national parks, you need to find out tips about lodges –campsites, routes and location, duration of time, and kind of vehicle you’re to rent for safety and convenience for your safari movements. Best Kenya National Park for self-drive safaris though requires a perfect 4WD that can hit the rough roads of Kenya include; Additionally, you can choose to camp during your adventure with the freedom to cross to Tanzania as Car Rental Tanzania operates one-way options for car rental

Masai Mara National Park;This park is renowned as the top touristic destination on Kenya safaris, located in the Southwestern Kenya region. Its major tourist attractions are the wildebeest migration event that occurs annually from July to October and animals to see during the crossover of wildebeests through Mara River from Serengeti National Park include; thousands of gazelles and zebras, lions, leopards, and cheetahs among others. If you intend tend to visit the park during that period you won’t get disappointed on about the Kenyan trip adventure.

Amboseli National Park; During your Kenyan Safari adventure never leave without visiting this famous Amboseli known as the best place in the world to get close to free-ranging elephants, Other attractions in the park; a great opportunity to meet Maasai and Visit a Maasai village and a rewarding place to view the majestically Mount Kilimanjaro renown as the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

Tsavo West and Tsavo East are also the largest national parks in Kenya destinations, featured with a lot of remarkable attractions such as; Tsavo west wild game species, giant craters, and Mzima springs among others.

Tsavo east attractions include; Mudanda rocks, Mzima springs, Aruba Dams, Yatta Plateau, Lugard falls many more. More then, Tsavo National Park inhabits a wide range of animals such as leopards, lesser kudu, buffaloes, lions, and rhinos, above all they are home to big fives.

Samburu National Reserve; This is one of Kenya’s fabulous game reserves in found on the rim of the Ewaso Ng’iro river in Kenya, located in Kenya –Samburu County and covers an area of about 165 square kilometers home to a wide range of wildlife species such as; Cheetah, African leopard, cape buffalo, hippo, lion, reticulated giraffe, Gerenuk, Gravy’s zebra, Oryx, Black rhinoceros, olive baboon, warthogs, Grant’s gazelle among other to see here.

Buffalo Springs National Reserves; This reserve is located in Isiolo county in northern Kenya and is home to various animals which can be seen along your drive tour such as; Lions, hyenas, African bush elephants, Oryx, Gerenuk, Reticulated giraffes, African bush elephants, Gravy’s Zebra, Somali ostriches among others.

Organize your game drive

Different Car rental companies all offer different tour packages for wildlife viewing, some arrange for a ranger at the park entrance gate. The cost for the rangers differs per park though most of the time ranges between Ksh1500 and 3500. Some lodges offer ranger guides who well experience to take you through the park. While on a wildlife adventure in one of the above-mentioned national parks or reserves always be alert and drive around the park as you expect animals lurking around the corner. The traveler should keep an eye on moving bushes creatures and trees.

You should mind about driving distance and never try to drive towards an elephant intentionally. If you encounter an elephant or buffaloes on the road, ’always follow this’’; Make sure you have a clear route to drive away if just necessary. Always leave your engine running, stay calm, and keep your loud voices down. Most of all, enjoy the one-time life adventure.

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Is it safe to do a Self-Drive Safari in Kenya?

Yes, Kenya is generally considered safe for Self-drive safaris. Kenya is also a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts and offers a wide range of safari experiences in its famous Parks and Nature reserves, such as the Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo, and Samburu.

However, as with any African Self-Drive destination, it’s important to take certain precautions to ensure your safety. Here are some tips to consider when planning to do your self-drive safari in Kenya:


  1. Choose reputable operators: Select a well-established and reputable tour operator or safari company that has good reviews and a proven track record in organizing self-drive safaris in the East Africa.


  1. Road conditions and drivers’ behaviors: Most roads in Main roads are in good conditions but be warned that most drunk driving and not respecting road safety signs is very common in Kenya. Most roads are poorly lit with domestic and wild animals’ crossings so you should avoid driving after dark


  1. Stay in designated camping areas: It’s crucial to stay within designated camping sites areas and follow park regulations. Wild camping is banned in Kenya and can be dangerous, as wildlife can be unpredictable especially at night. Stick to the marked safari trails and avoid getting too close to animals.


  1. Be careful around wildlife: While the animals in national parks are accustomed to the presence of vehicles and tourists, it’s essential to maintain a safe distance and respect their space. Do not attempt to touch or feed them, as this can be dangerous.


  1. Secure your belongings: Keep your valuables, including passports, money, and electronics, secure at all times. Use hotel safes when available and be cautious of your belongings during your travels.
Camping Gear Set
🛏️Folding foam mattress
🛌Sleeping bag (with pillows and bed sheets)
🪑Chairs and small table
📦Storage box
🔥1 gas tank & 1 burner
🍽️Cups, plates & bowls
🍳Pots, frying pans, cutlery set
🔪Knife, can opener, corkscrew
🧀Cutting board
🧽Dishtowel and detergent
💡Solar table lamp
Roof tent or ground Tent

Essential Things You Need to Know Before Kenya Self Drive Safari

What can I do on a Kenya Self Drive Safari ?

Choosing to book a self-drive safari to Kenya is an excellent decision because of the amazing adventures Kenya has to offer in its various  National Park’s  and incredible natural attractions to its white sand beaches. Here are safe national parks for Kenya self-drive safaris; Amboseli National Park, Aberdares National Park, Chyulu Hills, Arabuko Sokoke, Hell’s Gate, Buffalo Spring National reserve, Laikipia Plateau, Maasai Mara National, TsavoWest and Tsavo East among others.

What if am not good at driving

You can still choose to rent a 4×4 with a  safari guide . Your guide from us will be knowledgeable about the country and its safari routes and culture.  The driver-guide usually speak English but there are some guides that are fluent in other international languages like English, Spanish, and French.

When is the best time to travel to Kenya?

The best time to visit Kenya depends on what you want to experience. If you’re interested in wildlife viewing, then the best time is during the dry season, which typically runs from July to October. During this time, animals gather around water sources making it easier to spot them. Additionally, the vegetation is less dense, making animals easier to spot. The best time to visit for bird watching is from November to April when migratory birds arrive in the country. If you want to experience the wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara, the best time to visit is from July to October. Finally, if you’re looking to experience Kenya’s culture, you can visit the country any time of year as cultural events and festivals are held throughout the year.

Is it recommended to travel with kids on a Kenya self drive safari?

Yes, you can do a self-drive safari in Kenya with your kids. However, it is important to plan well to ensure your safety and maximize your experience. Here are some tips to consider:

1. Choose the right vehicle: Ensure that your vehicle is comfortable, reliable, and has enough room for your family, luggage, and camping gear.
2. Pack appropriately: Carry enough food, water, snacks, and clothing for your journey.
3. Choose destinations wisely: When planning your itinerary, select kid-friendly destinations with activities and experiences that will keep your children interested and engaged.
4. Plan your route carefully: Choose routes that are safe and manageable for your family. Avoid driving during the night and in bad weather conditions.
5. Follow park rules and regulations: Ensure that you follow park rules to avoid putting yourself and your family in danger with wildlife.


Car rental with A Safari Guide

Kenya is one of the biggest East African countries where you may need a driver for your easy location the country. So this is a great option to book with, if you want more related experience, and to learn about the local culture and wildlife of Kenya’s destination. All driver guides provided are well-trained tour guides and bush mechanics.

What are the best cars for a Kenya Self Drive Safari?

The best car to enjoy your reliable self-drive safari in Kenya offers an option of Toyota Land Cruisers VX, V8 old Models,4×4 Jeep, Super Custom, Land Cruiser Hardtop Extended, and Safari Land cruiser among other best fleets that come up with perfect camping gears, fridge, and open rooftop tent

What travel documents are required when renting a car in Kenya?

Valid passport and and visa

Is it safe to do a Kenya Self Drive Safari ?

Yes, the Kenya Self Drive safari sounds rewarding and safe as long as you follow these precautions given. However, always drive at the maximum speed limit, beware of unmarked speed bumps, make sure you lock your doors, and avoid drinking at night mostly to those badly lit roads and livestock that can cross the road without notice.

What to carry with you?

While planning a visit to Kenya Safari destination, you need to pack essential items like insect repellents, safari shoes, a camera with enough space, a first aid kit, sunglasses, enough bottled water, and day packs.

Why choose a self-drive safari in Kenya?

The fact is that independent travel in Kenya’s Safari Destination offers you the reliability and freedom to tour the country or national parks on your time. It also allows you to get off the beaten path and is often considered cheaper.

Lastly, taking part of a Kenya self drive safari is the better way to bring the great discovery of the African wilderness for yourself, and here in Kenya’s National Parks is worth it

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