Car Rental in Uganda with Driver

Along with the greatest fleet of cars for your road trips across Uganda, our car rentals in Uganda also provide you with the most skilled and professional private drivers in the country. These drivers can take you to any of your preferred destinations in Uganda at affordable rates. Any client can have this done in the most practical way possible. For those interested in wildlife safaris, our drivers have extensive experience providing tours around the city as well as in Uganda’s game parks. You may be sure that the assigned driver will be familiar with the best roads and routes to well-known local and urban centers, tourist destinations, and national parks. This is a great opportunity for guests who would like to take a back sit and enjoy the beautiful sceneries with a more relaxing road trip in Uganda.

Types of vehicles available for Car rental in Uganda with Driver

Upon request, while renting a car in Uganda, we can also provide a driver. The cars available for rental services with a driver come in a variety of types, makes, and models. Depending on the purpose of renting a car, we always provide the clients with adequate advice based on their needs and available solutions. This is done mainly because each car is ideal for a certain purpose.

Car Rental in Uganda with Driver

For example, for guests willing to travel around Kampala, the country’s capital, and other smaller towns with strong and good road networks, the cars advised strongly differ from those needed for upcountry roads which are highly affected by weather conditions. The majority of the cars available for rent in Uganda are 4×4 Wheel Drive Vehicles. The following vehicle categories are available for car rental in Uganda with drivers. Toyota Super Customs, Standard Safari Vans and Drones, Toyota Rav4s, Land Cruiser Prado TX and TZ, Safari Land Cruisers, Coasters, and Buses.

What to expect on your Car rental in Uganda with driver:

When you rent a car in Uganda with a driver, expect a fluent English-speaking driver, with a background in car mechanics in case there is a minor issue that may need his attention while on a road trip. This driver will also be highly responsible for the safety of you and the car. You can also expect a good driver that will do whatever it takes to get you to your preferred destination safely in time. For wildlife safaris, the driver also carries out the game drives, as they will be familiar with Uganda Safari Destinations. They will take you to the best wildlife viewing spots as well as stopovers for food breaks while in the game parks.

For Uganda Safaris travelers with their own crafted tour itineraries, and who wish to rent a car in Uganda, expect a driver who is willing to fully comply with your desired plan. The driver can also use his experience to suggest any alternatives that may be needed to make your Uganda Safari trip a memorable one. These fine tunings can be mostly done in the routes to use, the destinations, or even the places of accommodation. Though the changes might happen, you remain in charge of your own trip and itinerary. Our driver is there to guide you and ease your travels. 

What does it cost for a car rental in Uganda with driver?

car rent Uganda

The cost of car rental in Uganda with driver can range from $50 to even $500 per day depending on the type of car you wish to rent and the destinations to be covered too. The number of days needed with the car also can affect the cost of renting a car in Uganda. The cost can reduce slightly with the more days desired with the rented car.

When you rent a car in Uganda with a driver included, there is always an extra cost incurred which will be the cost of the driver himself. The additional cost will be around $50 per day and all the additions usually go to the driver. The additional cost also covers the driver’s meals and accommodation. Most drivers are pretty good bush cooks and know how to start a campfire, an advantage for guests who are willing to go camping. The number of passengers and the type of car desired for a rental will also be big contributing factors that will affect the price charged for car rental in Uganda with driver.

Safety and Assurance.

All of our vehicles are covered by comprehensive insurance that includes on-the-road accidents. A spare tire and first aid kit will be included in the rental car. We will make sure to give you an experienced driver as a contact person before handing over the car. Since he will be in charge of driving you on your road trip to Uganda, he will serve as your main point of contact for assistance and guidance. He will surely be someone with extensive knowledge of Uganda and the regions you will be.

What you need to rent a car in Uganda

When you chose to rent a car in Uganda with us, plus the driver included, a valid Uganda National ID is required for citizens, and for non-citizens, a valid passport is a requirement needed. Be sure to read our terms and conditions on how the vehicle and its driver are to be handled for the smooth running of the trip. A deposit will be agreed upon and should be paid in the stipulated time to allow the desired car to be booked out of the system and reserved for you. This also helps to book your experienced driver in time to avoid any shortcomings and last-minute disappointments.

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