How much does an African Safari Cost?

What Is the Price of an African Safari?

A night on an African safari cost anywhere from $125 to $1,500 per person. A budget safari costs $150 per night, a mid-range African safari costs $350, and a luxury safari costs $750. Extreme top-safaris might potentially cost $1,500 or more per night! There is a safari to suit everyone’s budget.
Safari Fees (Per person per day)

The African safari cost chart below provides a brief overview of how much an average safari in each country will likely cost, letting you to easily select a destination that fits your budget. Our site offers trips ranging in length from one day to 20 days.

African Safari Cost

There are eight elements that influence the price of a safari.

Now that you’ve evaluated the extra charges, you can begin to analyze all of the other factors that can affect overall safari costs.

1 How long do you wish to spend on safari?

We don’t need to tell you that the amount of time you spend on an African safari determines how much it will cost you. And the more days you spend on safari with the same operator, the less money you’ll wind up paying per day.

2 Season of Travelling

Much of Africa is more expensive to visit during the school holidays, but other local factors can also affect the cost of your trip. In most African national parks, there are times when wildlife viewing is better than at other times. If you want to save money, visit during the park’s off season. While this can mean less visible wildlife and occasionally washed-out roads during the rainy season, it also means substantially lower rates, less tourists, and wonderfully verdant countryside.

3 Where perhaps you’d like to go?

Many people are stunned to discover that much of southern Africa is less expensive than East Africa because park infrastructure is often superior and self-drive and camping safaris are easier.

4. Preferred level of Accommodations

As with any vacation, lodging will take up the lion’s portion of your budget. The most luxurious tented campgrounds, sometimes found in private or community conservancies, are at the very top. They may be deliciously romantic, but there’s no denying that these establishments are expensive. Many hotels charge $2,000 per night for two persons during peak season.

5. Location of the accommodation

Staying outside of the parks is a wonderful way to save money. The downside is that you’ll usually miss the first rays of dawn or the brightness of night if you do this. Both of these times are ideal for seeing animals.

6. How to navigate

Morning and evening safari drives are available at most camps and hotels. These will be conducted in custom-made luxury safari jeeps at the most top-end locations. Pop-top minibuses, which are utilized by many budget safari firms, are on the other end of the range. Use caution with these. Some firms ensure that every seat in the van is occupied, so you won’t see anything if you sit in the middle.

7. How private do you want your experience to be?

You’ll find reduced pricing in well-known parks like Kruger in South Africa, but you’ll also discover tarmac roads and crowds. Heading to one of the private concessions in Botswana’s Okavango Delta, on the other hand, ensures quiet and tranquillity, but at a cost.

8. Special hobbies and Interests

People are willing to pay more to see a Gorillas than a dik-dik, according to national park officials . Visiting a park with a lot of large, visible mammals will always cost more than visiting a small, low-key park with more specialized wildlife attractions. If saving money is a priority, limit your time in well-known parks and instead focus on the birds and bees in smaller, lesser-known protected areas.

Uganda tour safari

East African Safari

Kenya & Tanzania

The Masai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park, and Samburu National Park, among others, are located in Kenya, as are Mount Meru, Tsavo, and the Aberdares. Tanzania’s national parks include the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater Conversation Area, Nyerere National Park (formerly Selous Game Reserve), and Ruaha.

East Africa is made mainly of Tanzania and Kenya, which are regarded the origin of safari. This is also where the Great Wildebeest Migration takes place.

Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla trekking takes you into Africa’s pure and breathtakingly beautiful heart, to the verdant hills and rainforests of Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda, where endangered gorillas live.
Tourism is an unavoidable component of gorilla conservation, and some porters and guides are former poachers who now make a living by defending Africa’s big gorillas. Check out mountain trekking safaris here

South Sudan Safari

Despite the fact that South Sudan is a freshly independent country, it is endowed with a diverse range of tourist attractions, including a diverse fauna and vegetation cover.
The country is home to the magnificent Nile River, which flows softly through it and offers a variety of water activities, as well as a massive wetland teeming with birds and many other attractions.
The following is a list of some of the country’s greatest tourist attractions.

Although South Sudan is blessed with six national parks, there is a lack of infrastructure that allows visitors to access these parks. Because animals migrate from South Sudan to neighboring countries on a seasonal basis, the best time to visit South Sudan tribes differs from the best time to visit wildlife.

gorilla trekking-Laba Africa Expeditions

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