How much does an African safari cost

Africa is an untamed wilderness with amazing safari destinations. Trek through the tropical forests of Bwindi and the Virunga massif for gorilla encounter and the vast savanna plains for amazing game viewing.

The African savanna is like no other. A truly magical place. The vast plains, the unending horizons, and the game, all merge to deliver an encounter like no other. But that’s not all. The Virunga ranges are home to the finest primates one can only imagine. The gorillas of Rwanda, Uganda, and DR Congo are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The snow-capped mountains of Kilimanjaro and Rwenzori offer some of the most technical yet amazing hikes. Interact with the lost tribes of South Sudan and be amazed at their authentic culture. If you are here, then you are thinking about embarking on an African safari. In this article, we will break down the types of experiences, activities and their costs.

A night on an African safari cost anywhere from $125 to $1,500 per person. A budget safari costs \$150 per night, a mid-range African safari costs \$350, and a luxury safari costs \$750. Extreme top safaris might potentially cost \$1,500 or more per night! There is a safari to suit everyone’s budget.
Safari Fees (Per person per day)

The African safari cost chart below provides a brief overview of how much an average safari in each country will likely cost, letting you to easily select a destination that fits your budget. Laba Africa offers trips ranging in length from 1 day to 30 days.


African Safari Cost Chart


Factors That Will Determine your African Safari Cost

Now that you’ve evaluated the extra charges, you can begin to analyze all of the other factors that can affect overall safari costs.

3 Days Serengeti National Park Tour

How long do you wish to spend on safari?

We don’t need to tell you that the amount of time you spend on an African safari determines how much it will cost you. And the more days you spend on safari with the same operator, the less money you’ll wind up paying per day.

Season of Traveling influences the African safari cost

Much of Africa is more expensive to visit during the school holidays, but other local factors can also affect the cost of your trip. In most African national parks, there are times when wildlife viewing is better than at other times. If you want to save money, visit during the park’s off season. While this can mean less visible wildlife and occasionally washed-out roads during the rainy season, it also means substantially lower rates, less tourists, and wonderfully verdant countryside.

Gorilla-Trekking in Uganda

Where you'd like to go influences your African safari cost

Many people are stunned to discover that much of southern Africa is less expensive than East Africa because park infrastructure is often superior and self-drive and camping safaris are easier.

Preferred level of Accommodation affects your African safari cost

As with any vacation, lodging will take up the lion’s portion of your budget. The most luxurious tented campgrounds, sometimes found in private or community conservancies, are at the very top. They may be deliciously romantic, but there’s no denying that these establishments are expensive. Many hotels charge $2,000 per night for two persons during peak season.

6-Days Budget camping safari

Location of the accommodation

Staying outside of the parks is a wonderful way to save money. The downside is that you’ll usually miss the first rays of dawn or the brightness of night if you do this. Both of these times are ideal for seeing animals.

How to navigate

Morning and evening safari drives are available at most camps and hotels. These will be conducted in custom-made luxury safari jeeps at the most top-end locations. Pop-top minibuses, which are utilized by many budget safari firms, are on the other end of the range. Use caution with these. Some firms ensure that every seat in the van is occupied, so you won’t see anything if you sit in the middle.

Masai Mara Luxury Safari
Samburu nature reserve

How private do you want your experience to be affects your African safari cost

When booking a safari, there’s one important thing to keep in mind: Staying in a five-star lodge is expensive, but seeing animals in their natural environment doesn’t have to be. Africa, after all, is a very big place with a wide range of offerings. “Over the years, safaris have become exclusive and pricey because Africa seems like a daunting place to travel to, and people are unsure about where to go and what to do,” says Jonny Prince, CEO and co-founder of tourism company Timbuktu. “But the most important aspect of any safari is to take control and focus on what you want.” In other words, just because Oprah went to Tanzania doesn’t mean you have to.

You’ll find reduced pricing in well-known parks like Kruger in South Africa, but you’ll also discover tarmac roads and crowds. Heading to one of the private concessions in Botswana’s Okavango Delta, on the other hand, ensures quiet and tranquillity, but at a cost.

Special hobbies and Interests

People are willing to pay more to see Gorillas than a dik-dik, according to national park officials . Visiting a park with a lot of large, visible mammals will always cost more than visiting a small, low-key park with more specialized wildlife attractions. If saving money is a priority, limit your time in well-known parks and instead focus on the birds and bees in smaller, lesser-known protected areas.

How to Prepare for a Rwenzori Mountain Hike!

Booking your tour directly with a local agency

Booking your tour directly with a local travel company means that you cut the costs of middlemen travel agents overseas that tend to take huge commissions. The same applies to Online travel agents like TripAdvisor and Safari Bookings. They tend to take huge commissions from listing tours from local African companies and as a result, the price tend to be higher if you book through these agents.

Small companies in Africa pay about 100$ per an inquiry from Safari bookings an online travel agent, this price is then pushed to the final consumer

African safari tours cost

A 14-day Kenya safari will cost approximately $2,500 on Budget, $3,900 on Midrange, and up to $9,000 on Luxury per person. These fees include; park entry fees, activities, transportation in a safari 4X4 vehicle, a guide, and accommodation. A 14-day Uganda safari will cost approximately $7,500 for luxury, $4,000 for midrange, and $3,400 for budget per person. These feels include gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, game drives, boat cruises, accommodation, safari transportation, and a guide. In Rwanda, a 14 Days safari costs $15,000 for luxury, $9,000 for midrange, and $4,500 on budget per person. These costs include; park entry fees, game viewing, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking and accommodation. A 14 days Tanzania luxury safari costs $7,000, $4,950 on midrange and $2,900 on budget per person. These costs include; accommodation, park entry fees, game drives, safari 4X4 and a local guide.

Tanzania Safari Cost
Car Rental in Uganda

Cost of a Safari Guide

African safari guides are trained and knowledgeable experts who drive you and help execute your itinerary. They are experienced drivers and are fluent in multiple languages. Safari guides are the most important component to your safari. Bad guides can make or break your Africa Holidays. Generally, guides across the East African states of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda cost $50 a day. All guides speak English and other local languages, However, guides who speak another foreign language like German, Dutch, French and Spanish cost about $80.

Paying more doesn't necessarily mean that the experience is the best

Its quite unfair that African safaris have been for long sold as an only exclusive activity for the rich. At Laba Africa, we believe everyone should be able to explore the continent regardless of their level of incomes. We have everything for everyone from self drive safaris , budget safaris, mid-range to the luxury.

At the end of your safari with us, you will surely have had a great experience and value for your money.

Alot of people have been asking us what is the experience like if they choose to book a budget of luxury safari. The truth is that the price you pay does not reflect on the quality of your safari experience. Some people prefer luxury travel while other prefer self drive or even budget. Here is a guide on the cost of an African safari. Here is a guide on the cost of an African safari. Sleeping on your 4×4 with roof tent costs less per day than sleeping in a lodge yet all experiences are amazing!! if you’re that kind of traveler wanting to explore Africa on your own in a rented 4×4 car. Then you will have more fun than someone that is sleeping in the luxury lodge

Popular African Safari Destinations


No safari is complete without Kenya as a destination for it offers incredible natural beauty, beautiful cultural encounters, exciting game drives and, of course, the world wonder of the Wildebeest Migration. No wonder it’s the birth place of safari travel!

Hardly any other country stands for safari, impressive animal experiences and African joie de vivre as much as Kenya. No matter whether you enjoy a relaxing beach holiday, venture on adventurous expeditions or want to experience the wild animals of the savannah up close. The diversity of Kenya is breathtaking and has a suitable answer for every holiday wish.

Kenya is one of the most diverse and beautiful travel destinations in Africa, but we have to warn you: anyone who has been here easily becomes a repeat offender.

Just over an estimated 40 million people live in Kenya, of which almost 20% live in Nairobi and the surrounding area. Mombasa, on the coast, is the second largest city in Kenya with almost a million inhabitants. Due to the low fertility of the soil, the north and northeast of Kenya are the least populated. Over 40% of all Kenyans are under 15 years old – a demographically secure structure that can also be found in many other African countries. In total there are over 40 different ethnic groups and 50 different languages in the territory of the Kenyan state.

Checklist for a Kenya Tanzania Self-Drive Safari
5-Days Tanzania Luxury Safari


“Karibu” – Welcome! Whoever hears Tanzania often automatically associates this name with Safari and is not at all wrong, because Tanzania tours offer its visitors a magical nature experience like no other country in Africa. The great herd walks in the Serengeti are probably one of the most spectacular spectacles in the animal world, while a sunrise on the summit of Kilimanjaro is an experience that cannot be compensated for with money or words. The dream of Africa lives in Tanzania tours.

Tanzania’s national parks include the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater Conversation Area, Nyerere National Park (formerly Selous Game Reserve), and Ruaha. East Africa is made mainly of Tanzania and Kenya, which are regarded the origin of safari.

Uganda Safari Holidays

Has it been your dream to see mountain gorillas in their natural rainforest habitat then a Uganda safari holiday will deliver on your expectations. Boasting a 90% success rate at finding habituated gorilla family groups in the extraordinary gorilla trekking in Uganda. Uganda have been discovered by few tourists so far & it’s still untouched and authentic full of many surprises like rolling hills, sparkling crater lakes, abundant wildlife, adrenaline activities on the mighty river Nile and, of course, the endangered Mountain Gorillas in the wild earning the name Pearl of Africa. Uganda is still authentically African, lush green and home to the friendliest people on the continent. We at Laba Africa Expeditions in love with Uganda and it is our privilege to introduce you to the Pearl of Africa. We are excited to have you during your Uganda safari holidays and tours.

We tailor our Uganda safari holidays packages to suit travelers of all ages and backgrounds, while keeping time, safety, and budget constraints in mind. We are adaptable enough to accommodate last-minute changes. Private tours, student tours and research groups, small group tours, and large group departures. We are committed to responsible tourism for long-term development, which we try to achieve by driving fuel-efficient and well-maintained vehicles, staying at eco-friendly safari lodges and camps, and supporting conservation organizations

Gorilla Trekking Vs Gorilla Habituation
trek avec les gorilles en Ouganda

Rwanda and DR Congo

Gorilla trekking takes you into Africa’s pure and breathtakingly beautiful heart, to the verdant hills and rainforests of Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda, where endangered gorillas live.
Tourism is an unavoidable component of gorilla conservation, and some porters and guides are former poachers who now make a living by defending Africa’s big gorillas. Check out mountain trekking safaris here

South Sudan Safari

Despite the fact that South Sudan is a freshly independent country, it is endowed with a diverse range of tourist attractions, including a diverse fauna and vegetation cover.
The country is home to the magnificent tribes Nile River, which flows softly through it and offers a variety of water activities, as well as a massive wetland teeming with birds and many other attractions.
The following is a list of some of the country’s greatest tourist attractions.

Although South Sudan is blessed with six national parks, there is a lack of infrastructure that allows visitors to access these parks. Because animals migrate from South Sudan to neighboring countries on a seasonal basis, the best time to visit South Sudan tribes differs from the best time to visit wildlife.

  • South Africa: Known for big 5 spotting, having some malaria-free safaris, and great for shorter safaris. Popular places include Kruger National Park, Pilanesberg National Park, and Shamwari Game Reserve.
  • Botswana: Famous for its boat safaris, and great wildlife spotting, especially elephants and hippos. Popular places include Chobe National Park and Okavango Delta. 
  • Zambia & Zimbabwe: Has smaller camps and is well-known for its walking safaris and access to Victoria Falls. Safari travellers frequently combine this two-nation journey since Lower Zambezi is a well-liked safari destination.
  • Namibia: Etosha National Park gives opportunities to see lion and elephant sightings despite its predominantly desert climate. 
Uncovering South Sudans thriving Tourism scene

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