Congo River Tours

Congo River Tours. The majestic Congo River formally known as Zaire River is the most powerful river on the African continent, the second-largest river in the planet, the fifth-longest river with over 4700 km untill it empty into the Atlantic ocean in Banane, and the by far the deepest river in the Africa and the entire world, among many other impressive attraction on it. The Congo river passes through the 2nd tropical rain forests in the universe. The dark jungles of the on the way of the Congo river path also were an inspiration for Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness that was published in 1899 after looking at the blank spaces on the world map.

Plan your  Congo River tour in a local boat or a traditional pirogue. Along the Congo river, and you will meet countless villages that are totally disconnected to the world, far away from tourism, and be ready for an intriguing cultural encounter alongside the Congo river

There are different ways to embark on Congo River tours but we advise to travel from Lisala to Kisangani as this will be more fulfilling way to tour the mighty Congo River.  Our Congo River tours visits isolated villages, some of the nation’s most significant historical sites, rain forests, and of course provides an opportunity to interact with the locals in the most genuine way. We guarantee a travel through regions that so few tourists have yet explored to get a sense of the various sights and sounds that make up the real Africa.

Congo River Tours

16 Days Congo River

Expedition, Culture & Nature

17 Day on River Congo

Culture and off the beaten path Experience

10 Facts About Congo River

  1.  The Congo River was named after the ancient kingdom of Kongo.

    The Kongo kingdom was abolished in 1857 by the Portuguese rulers and was covering West Central Africa that’s presently known as Northern Angola.  The people of this kingdom are known as the Kikongo speaking people that includes the Bantu people and Ndundu people.

  2. Congo River is the Second largest in the World by discharge volume

    The Congo River release about 41,200m3/s (1,454,964.27 cubic ft/s) per year.  By discharge water volume, it is the second-largest river in the world, behind the Amazon.  The Congo River is also the world’s deepest river. The river’s depth at its deepest point is roughly 220 meters (720 feet).

  3. The Congo River has 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites along the river banks, hence it is a very important areas of natural heritage in the world.

  4. The 2 capital cities of the DR Congo and Republic of Congo are separated by the mighty Congo river. Upper, Middle, and Lower Congo river make up the Congo river.

    The Upper Congo River emerged from the East African Rift’s highlands (Stanley Falls). From Kisangani, the Middle Congo mostly extends to the northwest. The center Congo river ends at Pool Malebo, where it gradually bends southwest and becomes more like a lake (Stanley Pool). At the Malebo Pool, the capital cities of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo, Kinshasa and Brazzaville, respectively, are situated on either bank of the water.

  5. Because of its immense power, the Congo River has the capacity to meet all of sub-Saharan Africa’s energy demands.

  6. The river crosses the equator twice. The Congo River goes up with in southern hemisphere before traveling in a north-easterly direction. It enters the Northern Hemisphere during this section of its journey, crossing the Equator in the process. Hence its the only river that crosses the equator twice
  7. In the Congo River, there are thought to be 700 different species of fish. Most likely, the total is much higher. Some of these fish species are endemic to the Congo River.

  8. The East African Rift’s mountains and highlands, and also Lake Tanganyika and Lake Mweru, are where the rivers get their water.

  9. Congo River has approximately 4,000 islands in the river; over fifty are at least ten miles long and full of small villages
  10. In the year of 1482, Diego Cao was the first European known to sight and enter the Congo River during his expeditions to what was by then known as the Dark African Kongo Kingdom.

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