Masai Mara Luxury Safari

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Masai Mara is an essential part of any African safari vacation. The Masai Mara in Kenya is a popular safari destination for visitors from all over the world. A visit to this reserve should be on your travel bucket list. This lovely destination is named after its ancestors, the Maasai warriors. In the local language, the word ‘Mara’ means ‘spotted,’ referring to the short bushy trees that dot the landscape. This national reserve is notable for its rolling savannahs and diverse wildlife.

A Masai Mara Luxury Safari is one of the best ways to experience the unspoiled African wilderness. The Masai Mara National Reserve, located in southwest Kenya and covering 1,510 square kilometers (583 square miles), is a land of breathtaking vistas, abundant wildlife, and endless plains.

Masai Mara Luxury Safari

The classic Masai Mara safari has many attractions because the reserve has an excellent year-round concentration of game, including the famous Great Migration of over two million wildebeest, zebras, and other antelopes. &Beyond owns two Masai Mara lodges: Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp and Bateleur Camp.

The reserve is a photographer’s and naturalist’s dream, with elephant, buffalo, giraffe, lion, and cheetah roaming freely alongside migratory wildebeest and zebra.

Leopards are frequently encountered; endangered black rhinos hide in the dense thickets and large rafts of hippos and enormous crocodiles are found in the Mara River. The park is also home to over 450 bird species.

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Activities to do on a a Masai Marsa luxury Safari

Masai Mara National reserve

Game Viewing

One of the most popular activities during a Kenya Masai Mara tour and vacation is a safari, game drive, or game viewing. A safari through the park in an open-roof jeep or land cruiser allows for close encounters with the animals of the Masai Mara plains. During their vacation tours, most visitors can choose between morning and evening game drives. A night game drive tour is limited in number but provides an opportunity to see nocturnal animals in the Masai national reserve.

The Great Migration

Kenya Wildlife Safari Visitors can see the wildebeest migration near the Mara triangle, a less-known area of the reserve. It has a good concentration of wildlife and is a great place to see the wildlife show and go on a wildebeest safari tour and vacation. Travelers can head to the Mara River to get the most out of their Mara tour. Survival of the fittest is on display here as wildebeests cross a crocodile-infested river. The predator-prey action near the river is both breathtaking and terrifying to witness.

Nature Walks

A Masai Mara luxury safari will usually include nature or guided walks. Leisure and educational walks are typically accompanied by guides in your tour packages. It provides a new way to explore the reserve. A walking safari activity also allows you to get a better look at elephants and buffalos.

Horseback safari

A horseback safari or tour is an excellent way to avoid traditional jeeps and vehicles and instead allow visitors to explore the Mara and its vast savannahs on horseback. This type of safari during your vacation or tour is much more adventurous in Masai Mara because it allows you to go places that jeeps cannot. During a horseback safari, you may come across herds of wildebeests, zebras, elephants, and even big cats like the lion. Travelers are accompanied by expert guides and mobile tented camps in the park throughout their vacation.

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Masai Mara Luxury Safari

Bush meals and sundowners

Having a meal in the wild, surrounded by the beautiful Masai savannahs is one of the most popular activities during a safari vacation. Bush meals and sundowners are typically included in a Masai safari tour. The reserve’s stunning landscapes complement the bush meal experience. Guests can take breaks in between game drives. Meanwhile, after an exciting safari day tour, they can enjoy bush breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. The meals are set up near specific locations within Masai Park.

Cultural encounters

Cultural interactions with local communities are also a special activity included in the Kenya Masai Mara luxury tour. The Maasai Mara warriors demonstrate their rich culture, which is important to your vacation. They have several community projects that help them maintain their way of life. It also contributes to the creation of job opportunities for the local Masai people. Most Masai Mara safari vacation packages and tours include cultural interactions.

Hot air balloon rides

Only a balloon ride allows you to soar over the park’s gentle savannahs. Hot air balloon rides are included in a Masai Mara luxury safari vacation, providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience. At an aerial point, the ride provides a panoramic view of the scenic park. Hot air balloon rides are a unique experience to try during your safari tour.

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luxury accommodation in masai mara

Mara Serena Camp

The queen of all other Masai Mara luxury safari camps and hotels can be found somewhere in the famous Mara Triangle. A haven of gently rolling landscapes and sunburned grasslands; where opulence reigns supreme.

The Mara Serena Camp, as the only Masai Mara hotel in the Mara Triangle, gives the term “picturesque views” a whole new meaning. The atmosphere is luxurious, which we suspect has a lot to do with the hotel’s 74 guest rooms, all of which have uninterrupted views of the Mara, modern amenities, and state-of-the-art interiors.

You’ll also enjoy its savory meals and the extensive list of activities it has planned for guests. Activities to do on an all-inclusive Masai Mara safari with a stay at the Mara Serena include bush dinners, sundowners, game drives, and exciting walks.

Ilkeliani Mara Camp

For most tourists, Kenya as a luxury destination is an afterthought; the Ilkeliani Mara Camp helps to change that narrative. Life at this Masai Mara luxury camp revolves around a river glade where hundreds of elephants gather to drink. But Ilkeliani has always been about more than just the wildlife. Each of her 12 tents is the epitome of perfection, with breathtaking views of the Mara landscape and the dark figures roaming all around it.

There’s also a plethora of viewing decks to rave about, as well as tastefully designed interiors, modern amenities, picturesque viewpoints, and exceptional customer service. Aside from that, the scenic views are unrivaled for intimate dinners and lunches.

Mara Camp Entim

This luxury Masai Mara hotel is spectacular not only for its stunning design but also for its proximity to the Mara River. The atmosphere at the camp is more pristine and otherworldly, with the resort outdoing itself with its unrivaled views of the Mara.

Because it is so close to the Mara River, you can expect to see the iconic Wildebeest Migration, as well as the river’s lush grasslands and reptiles. But it’s not just the views that should excite you here. Entim’s 12 luxury tents are stunning, each with impeccable interior décor, a private lounge, a verandah, and modern amenities.

Ashnil Mara Camp

When it comes to Masai Mara luxury lodges, we can’t get enough of the Ashnil Mara Camp, a stunning 50-tent wonder located near the Mara River. True to form, this luxury Masai Mara hotel combines modern amenities with breathtaking Mara views to create a haven that even the harshest critics will appreciate.

There are deluxe twin, deluxe double, and deluxe triple rooms to swoon over, as well as a swimming pool, Michelin-starred restaurant, lounge bar, and outstanding customer service. In addition, the Ashnil Mara Camp provides intimate bush breakfasts, dinners and lunches, game drives, and cocktails that never disappoint.

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