Laba Africa Alternative Experiences:

East Africa is an amazingly diverse region with plenty for a traveller to see and do. Unfortunately, we can’t put all options in our itineraries. And therefore we have a list of some spectacular options that you can add to your tour. Laba Africa stands for meaningful alternative experiences with respect to the natural environment. And improving the living standards of host communities.

Uganda Experiences

Karimojong Cultural Tour

Laba Africa experiences

This is not a sightseeing tour. But a participatory experience with the option to stay a night in a traditional hut in the village (homestay). The traditional Karamoja village tour and homestay possibility are all about sharing. The rich cultural heritage of the Karimojong by participating in various domestic activities.

We introduce you to the culture by taking you to the beating heart of the community. And inviting you to participate in daily life activities. From preparing local foods to celebrations with traditional folklore, this will be an unforgettable journey.

A night with Karimojong warrior nomads

Laba Africa Alternative experiences

Experience is well known Karimojong pastoral life by sleeping a night with former warriors and nowadays passionate cattle herders in the Kraal. Help to bring the cows to the kraal, milking the cow, herding, learn how to identify local greens. Experience traditions as spearing a cow for blood to drink and eat roasted and get your own Karimojong name.


The Learn how to prepare traditional meals, how to sing and dance to traditional folklore. How to make traditional Karimojong beads accessories, experience the ancient traditions of foreseers. Listen to the stories of elders and play traditional Karimojong games.

Elephants and bees alternative experience.

African Bee Hives
Bee Keepers filming

Elephants tend to crop-raid at night time. Farmers confronting elephants in the dark are often left with no choice but to throw stones and firecrackers or shoot bullets into the air to try to scare them away. This confrontation leads to heightened aggression and some elephants will charge and attack. These negative incidents often lead to terrible injuries or deaths of both people and elephants.

This experience will take you to Queen Elizabeth National Park and after your game drive and boat safari, You will have a chance to visit local beekeepers to hear their stories of how they are tackling human-wildlife conflicts using bees hive fences. During this experience, you will be participating in their day to day community life, helping harvest honey and crops among others.

Sales of honey and fees paid by international visitors help make the project sustainable and increase the livelihood of local people.

Sipi Falls Hike and Coffee Tour Experience.

Sipi Falls

This tour will  take you to three waterfalls situated along the foothills of Mountain Elgon near Uganda-Kenya boarder. They are Uganda’s most beautiful but less visited waterfalls located in Eastern Uganda. They offer an exciting hiking adventure along the base of Mountain Elgon, which includes visiting all the three waterfalls, one has a chance to enjoy the magnificent views of the Mountains and the distant plains of the Karamojong in Karamoja, go through the local communities of the Sabie people, and their coffee farmlands.

A network of well-maintained (though often muddy) local trails will give you beautiful views of the area and on your way to the bottom of each of the three levels of waterfalls. With your private local guide, you will learn about the flora and fauna and also negotiate the passage through private property.

We can also offer Village and forest walks in the nearby Mt Elgon National Park’s Forest another magnificent yet less visited Park.

Coffee Tours.

Tourists Sowing

Aside from the falls themselves, experiences of visiting Sipi is a tour that takes you through the entire coffee process at a nearby family farm. You will pick the coffee berries, deshell and grind them with a traditional mortar and pestle, and roast them on an open fire, before – the best part – finishing with a fine cup of strong Arabica coffee.

Walking and Cycling Safaris.

Zebra in Lake Mburo

The parks are completely different places when you are removed from the constraints of a safari vehicle. Your senses are aware of every sound and movement in the bush and you see things at ground level that you would otherwise miss. With a knowledgeable ranger, you will also learn a lot about the inhabitants of the parks and how to recognize their tracks. Our cycling tours in Lake Mburo and walking safaris in kidepo Valley national park are exciting and very rewarding activities that we can highly recommend.

Elephants Murchisn Falls

D.R. Congo

Volcanic Mountain experience DR Congo

Discover the undiscovered! DR Congo has long been an isolated country with no tourism prospects. Laba Africa Expeditions is one of the few tour operators who offer tours to this mysterious country. We are a local team of experts ready to show DRC a place we call home. Here we will take you to the for an encounter with the Eastern Lowland Gorillas in Kahuzi-Biega N.P, hike Nyiragongo volcano. It is one of the world’s most active volcanos with the largest lava lake!  Relax on Tchegera island in Lake Kivu or track the endangered mountain Gorillas in the oldest national park in Africa. Congo has it all and Laba Africa will organize everything for your once in a lifetime tour.

On our D.R.C experiences, you will cruise on the infamous river into the heart of darkness. Visit villages, undiscovered tribes living in the jungles, forests animals and hundreds of unique and some undiscovered species of river fish and birds. Enjoy some of the best music, culture, and scenery of Africa on our legendary journeys.
DR Congo Native family

Our D.R.C tours require a high degree of flexibility. Power cuts, flight delays, poor roads and modern showers are very common outside Kinshasa.

South Sudan

Having visited his aunt in South Sudan 8 years back, Samuel our founder fallen in love with this country. The tribes, rugged landscapes, Mundari treasured cows and the dry rolling hills. By then South Sudan had just go her independence and tourism was something never heard before here.

Today we conduct private tribal tours with local South Sudanese guides some of whom we have trained in Uganda. The reality is that the industry is growing faster than the amount of trained indigenous people. We dream of bridging this gap by training learners in the relevant skills. As well as creating the opportunity to gain the necessary experience to enter the market as a qualified tour guide and hospitality staff.

Mundari Tribe South Sudan

Our tours to South Sudan will take you to some of the most remote last places in Africa. For an encounter with undiscovered tribes and cultures that have resisted modernity. You will spend a night or 2 in the Mundari cattle camp on these cultural experiences.

Furthermore, these include travelling to remote regions, which rarely, if ever, see tourists. Infrastructure for much of the trip will be non-existent. And a great degree of flexibility is needed to deal with any local conditions, which may present themselves.

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