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Lake Albert

Lake Albert lies in the north of the Great Rift Valley, located on the border between Uganda and DR Congo. The lake’s principal rivers are the Semliki River from Lake Edward and the Victoria Nile through Lake Kyoga. The stunning Congolese mountain ranges in the east, Mountain Rwenzori in the south, and the magnificent rocky escarpment in the west all contribute to the breathtaking scenery that surrounds Lake Albert. It is more than 160 kilometers long and around 30 kilometers wide, with a depth of 51 meters and a surface elevation of 619 meters above sea level. Lake Albert is a worthwhile stop en route to Kibale Forest national park and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Lake Albert has a quiet natural beauty and a tranquil ambiance, and it’s a fantastic place to unwind after exploring Murchison Falls National Park for a few days.

Things to do around Lake Albert:

Game Watching

Hippos, buffalo, crocodiles, waterbuck, duiker, oribi, warthog, black-and-white  primates like colobus monkeys, leopards, and the olive baboon can all be found in and around Lake Albert. The area is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with an estimated count of up to 460 bird species of uganda. The Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is home to many of the wildlife at the Lake. The reserve includes a part of the lake. Wildlife can be seen up close and personal by exploring the area on foot, quad bike, or mountain bike. The Semliki wildlife  Reserve, located on the southern tip of Lake Albert, also offers excellent opportunities to see wildlife such as elephants, chimpanzees, and the exceedingly rare and endangered shoebill stork.

Lake Albert

Boat Tours

A boat ride on the Lake in the early morning or late in the evening is an unforgettable experience. The light shines brilliantly off the mirror-like waters of the lake, which is surrounded by the majestic Blue and Rwenzori mountains, producing a breathtaking backdrop. If you’re lucky, you might even spot the adorable and highly uncommon shoebill stork, which hides among the papyrus and weeds on the swampy shorelines.

Mountain Cycling

Cycling and wildlife viewing are ideal in the area surrounding Lake Albert, which includes the Kabwoya Game Reserve. There are multiple trails and terrains to pick from, each with a different level of difficulty. You can hire bikes from your lodge or bring your own. cycling is one of the greatest ways to explore Albert.

Quad Biking

Kabwoya is the few wildlife areas that allows quad biking. Quad riding tours allow visitors to explore isolated locations that safari cars cannot access owing to loose soil. Quad riding is an excellent opportunity to experience the stunning scenery, animals, and plentiful birds of Uganda’s otherwise inaccessible highlands.

Guided Nature Walks

Birding in Volcanoes National Park

Bird and wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy guided nature excursions because the shores of Lake Albert and the Albertine escarpment provide excellent habitats for birds and primates. A nature walk is best done early in the morning or late in the evening when it much cooler outside. Comfortable walking shoes, long pants, and plenty of drinking water are required. Trails can be tailored to your fitness level and typically last between one to three hours.

Fishing safaris

With a fishing safari on Lake Albert, you can catch your own dinner. The lake contains various types of catfish, but the main treasure is the Nile Perch, the water’s largest fish predator. Fishing is permitted in specific portions of the lake, and permits must be obtained ahead of your trip from the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Many fishing villages surround Lake Albert, and at night, fisherman light up the lake to attract fish, creating a wonderfully captivating picture. Check out fishing tours on lake victoria

Where to Stay in Lake Albert

Lake Albert Safari Lodge

Lake Albert Safari Lodge, perched 70m above Lake Albert on a cliff in the Kabwoya Game Reserve, offers panoramic views of the lake. These transcending views are best enjoyed at breakfast or in the lodge's pool. There are 12 thatched-roof cabins with private bathrooms. The cottages were created with nature in mind. The lodge's rooms and lounge areas are comfy, and it's a terrific location to unwind. Meals are provided in a cozy dining area with a view of the pool, or in the bush for a full safari experience. Lake Albert offers a variety of activities such as mountain and quad biking, game drives, fossil searching, and nature walks.

The Kikonko Lodge

Kikonko Lodge, located on the Albertine Rift escarpment, guarantees stunning views of Lake Albert and the Rwenzori Mountains. Spacious cottages have extra-large windows and private wooden verandas that provide direct access to Lake Albert from your room. The main restaurant has three levels where you may relax on nice sofas and enjoy fresh and delicious dishes. The bar area is adjacent to the swimming pool, so you can enjoy your favorite beverage while watching the action in the water.

Semliki Safari Lodge

Stay at Semliki Safari Lodge to travel back in time. Golden safari tents and classic safari decor harken back to a bygone era of discovery. With only 8 tents, Semliki offers tourists an intimate and exclusive experience. Hardwood floors, double beds, en-suite bathrooms with hot showers and flushing toilets, private verandas, and protective thatched roofs offer the ultimate safari experience in comfort and elegance for visitors. The main lodge room is furnished with large dining tables, deep-seated armchairs, and a warm fire, making it ideal for unwinding and trading stories at the end of the day. Semliki Safari Lodge offers one of the top Lake Albert boat safaris. They are also an excellent starting point for chimp trekking in the Semliki Wildlife Reserve.

The best way to go to Lake Albert

The travel from Kampala to Lake Albert is 260 kilometers long and takes about 4 hours. If you’re driving to or from Murchison Falls National Park, the scenic detour down the western escarpment to Lake Albert is well worth it. We recommend stopping en way at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Uganda’s only place to see rhinos.

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