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Car rental in Uganda is one of the safest and most unique ways a tourist can be able to tour the country’s outstanding beauty, and attractions or access various safari destinations at their own pace. However, I would recommend you always take the choice to self-drive to Uganda’s National park. The drive brings out a remarkable safari adventure with great sights of the diversity of wildlife species at your own pace. You can choose to do a road trip which is best enjoyed around the country through beautiful city routes ‘’Kampala City’’. Take a self-drive to Lake Victoria beaches, and Entebbe highway, including certain stopovers to buy souvenirs, to have an eye to city attractions like the beautiful handmade craft material among others.

On a visit to any Uganda destination, always look for reliable and affordable Car Rental in Uganda. Uganda is the right place for you because it offers safety, the lowest cost, easy self-drive, chauffer-driven, and reliable rental cars that start from as low as USD30. So we advise you to always get in contact with a trustworthy car rental company fully registered.

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Car Rent Uganda

At Laba Africa, we offer reliable car services like pick up at Entebbe Airport, Kampala, and Jinja as well as dropping off customers’ booked cars at all town locations in Uganda. Our services reach out to other countries like Juba in South Sudan, Kigali in Rwanda, and Nairobi in Kenya and Tanzania. Additionally, we have a good and comfortable fleet of vehicles well maintained based on every budget of the customers. The vehicle offered includes saloon cars, Minibus, Minivans, or 4-wheel drives, and safari cars safe for a self-drive safari to Uganda’s National Parks. These include; Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, and Kidepo Valley National Park among others. Generally, they offer a solution for every occasion and every budget. Car rental companies in Uganda offer welcoming and friendly staff, as is well known that Uganda –the Pearl of Africa is a hospitable country with friendly and welcoming people. 

Car rental companies in Uganda offer welcoming and friendly staff, as is well known that Uganda –the Pearl of Africa is a hospitable country with friendly and welcoming people. The same goes for the services rendered in car rental Uganda through providing friendly staff, new engines as well as well-maintained cars at affordable rates. Their duration is based on a daily or weekly or monthly, or even last-minute booking. Though last minute bookings are not advised to customers on car rental in Uganda.

Tips Considered –Things to Know Before Renting a Car in Uganda

Well, renting a car is one of the best useful things any visitor on Uganda Safaris needs to know or consider most, because it is what enables them to explore Uganda’s hallmark attractions in different parts of this hospitable country famously known as – the Pearl of Africa at your own pace and in a convenient way of travel. Traveling in public means most of the time can be unreliable. Meaning car rental sounds like the best option for you to come successfully to your dream destination while in your privacy ad freedom enjoyments. Here are the essential tips to put into consideration for those planning to visit Uganda for a safe holiday and interested in traveling independently. They are well-designed primarily tips to guide you as you choose a car to hire. Below car rental Uganda tips they will answer most of the questions asked about the rental car as are explained;

Select A Suitable Car; This is one of the essential car rental tips to consider when renting a car in Uganda. A traveler needs to be selective about what kind of car you’re planned to use and also be mindful of the number of people they’re to travel with, and the weight of their luggage. More so, mind about the space of the car, are they in good maintained and pocket friendly. Car rental in Uganda offers a list of comfortable vehicles on hire include;4×4 Toyota Rav4, Land Cruiser with Rooftop tents, Safari Land Cruiser, Safari Minivan, and Super Custom among others. 

Driving in Uganda; Most especially to the new beginners must be very keen when driving in Uganda because you may not be familiar with the routes and driving rules. So we advise you to at least rent a car with a driver while driving in Uganda’s different amazing locations just like in other countries. Always be mindful of other road users like motorcycles, pedestrian as well as reading the road signposts to enjoy your road trip adventure.

Driver age limits; This is a useful thing you need to know before going to rent a car. Some car rental companies in Uganda permit persons within 20 to rent a car however, you will be required to go for extra insurance and liability cover. The most normal age limit for drivers –car hire Uganda company person must be between 25 and 70 to hire a car and then 18 years old is eligible to hire a car.

Come up with your preferred car in advance; While planning a self-drive tour to Uganda always choose the right car of your own in advance before the actual trip. You have to make car hire bookings in advance to get the best car of your choice with a chance to enjoy discounts. You need to do this before taking your flight to Uganda through online bookings.

Know the rates; Uganda offers different car rentals but at different rates for rented cars. But before even you choose from selection with any car hire agency in Uganda. Always make sure that you have made enough research on rates however, it will help you compare with other car hire companies. To find out the best rates with perfect offers.

Necessary Documents; However, one thinking to take part in the self-drive tour in Uganda. There are many major documents you need to have for easy identification including; a valid passport, GPS, valid international driving permits, self-drive contract, and driver’s license.

Be Cautious; While on a self-drive tour or road trip in Uganda always mind about the belongings that you carried in the car are available especially your keys, phones, and wallets among others.

Mileage limits; Before you set off on your road trip. Make sure you find out whether the car hire is on useful unlimited mileage or not. Recommend you always deal with car rental companies that offer unlimited mileage.

Check the car thoroughly; You should check the car before you hit the road to fulfill your dream destination. However, make sure you do a thorough check on the car of your selection to drive. It must be in better mechanical condition, meaning tires are in good service, and always mind to record any damage in the car to avoid incurring costs. When you return it.

Follow the terms and conditions; When the terms and conditions are given to you by one of the car rental companies of your choice in Uganda. We advise you to always read thoroughly and understand.

Full insurance and provide 24/7 customer support.

Other things to consider before renting a car Well, all the above-mentioned Car rental Uganda tips are essential in guiding a traveler respectively when hiring a car in Uganda whether on your drive or road trip.

Car Rental in Uganda

Options for Car Rental in Uganda

Car Rental with A driver

Uganda offers several car rental companies that provide a vehicle with a driver guide at affordable rates in the most convenient destination. They provide professional Uganda drivers while experience in city tours and park safari destinations with adequate knowledge about the route to most famous local attractions and Uganda’s national parks to assured of a safe road trip thus making the traveler’s visit worth it

Self –Drive Car Rental in Uganda

Well, Uganda holds one of the leading car rental companies that offer a range of flexible and comfortable cars ranging from 4×4 station wagons, SUVs, and Sedan to Minivans, Buses, and trucks as well as luxury cars that fits special travel around the city. All can be in good service, clean, and safe as well as featured by an AC, MP3-CD player, and FM radio transmission with a custom-designed safari vehicle possessing a pop-up roof, cooler box, and roof top tent for remarkable game drive viewings in camping safaris in Uganda destination. Uganda Hired Car rates differ on the type of vehicle.

Long-term car rental in Uganda

This long-term car rental is best planned for travelers on business trips or safari to Uganda National Parks. They are good for clients wishing to enjoy Uganda Safari Adventure for a month or more. Note the higher the number of days you take or months, the lower the price of the car. However, you should choose perfect cars well maintained and ready to handle both on and off-road tracks. The best vehicles to use for long safari adventures, you should opt for include; Saloon 4×4 stations wagons, minivans, minibusses, saloons cars, and SUVS luxury cars among others.

Short-Term Car Rental in Uganda:

For travelers wishing to travel cheaply to Uganda’s different locations, we recommend you book in with short-term car rental. They offer comfortable vehicles at a cheap fee for you to make your safari successful.

Luxury Car Rental in Uganda;

They offer quality luxury travel services to customers who wish to travel in a luxurious lifestyle around Uganda or even those on honeymoon at a low rate. The luxury fleet offered to customers includes Mercedes, Land Rover rentals, Land Cruise TX, Roof Top Land Cruise, and Tourist Safari Van among others.

Car Rental At Entebbe Airport

Entebbe Airport is the main entry point for both arrival and departure for people coming in and out. Meaning, travelers are flying into Entebbe for a short or a longer stay and you would want to proceed with onward travel by hiring a car, so luckily we have many reliable cars hire campiness around the Airport where you can choose to make car hire bookings. One of them ‘’Sky scanner ‘’ makes it easy to find the best option. A traveler choosing to use the Sky scanner will show the available car you may choose your own but at affordable prices

However, there is no more worry about the need to rely on public transport means upon your arrival or traveling to and from Entebbe ‘’EBB’’. Instead upon your arrival from the plane, you can set off a drive direct to your final destination. Note, travelers are no long-suffering from poor seating positions in the public vehicle. Hiring a car is the best way to enjoy day trips, evening walks, or going home without worry as well as getting your supermarket hauls home without sore arms. Car rental from Entebbe makes you feel comfortable right from your perfect seat in an airplane to access your stopping location within the country in a remarkable lifestyle.

Get started planning now! Visit different Uganda attraction locations while in the comfortable rental car of your choice but always make a right choice of a car based on terrain, model of a vehicle, price, purpose, space in the car, or those in good mechanical condition. More so, Car Rental in Uganda makes you travel in freedom on your Uganda Safari adventure or memorable road trip.

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