Accommodation in Akagera National Park

Akagera game lodge Rwanda.

The Akagera Game Lodge in Rwanda is an excellent place to begin any safari in the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills.’ The lodge is a haven in Akagera National Park’s southern region. The lodge is situated on a gentle ridge with spectacular views of Lake Ihema and Lake Shakani. The lodge is located 5 kilometers from the park’s southern entrance. Because Akagera Game Lodge is located in Akagera National Park, it is ideal for any traveler wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The resort is also suitable for any traveler wishing to rest and rejuvenate on a wildlife safari to the country’s only Big Five reserve.

Mantis Resorts has been managing the Akagera Game Lodge in Rwanda since 2018. The lodge includes 60 en-suite rooms, each with a breathtaking view of Lake Ihema. However, the resort is underwent repairs and upgrades until March 2020, with facilities such as its restaurant, bar, and swimming pool being the most affected.

The rooms at Akagera Game Lodge include amenities such as air conditioning, a work desk, a refrigerator pre-stocked with bottled drinking water and a few bottles of wine for guests, housekeeping King size beds with mosquito nets, a safe, a wardrobe, a hair dryer, an electric kettle, cable TV, and a walk-in shower with hot and cold water. Some of the lodge’s rooms are interconnected and big. This clearly demonstrates that the lodge’s sole goal is to provide the greatest services to its visitors.

The Akagera Game Lodge in Rwanda offers its guests amenities such as a business conference center, a poolside bar, a fully equipped First-Aid kit, laundry services, children’s television networks, free breakfast, super-fast Wi-Fi internet, a tennis court, a swimming pool, free parking, and, to top it all off, kids stay for free. Because Akagera Game Lodge does not take cash payments for bookings, all guests must use their debit/credit cards or mobile money while making a reservation for to stay at the lodge. Because Akagera National Park closes its gates at 6 p.m, guests staying at Akagera Game Lodge should try to arrive within the park enclosure before that time.

Activities available at Akagera Game Lodge.

Behind the Scenes Tours in Akagera National Park

Game Drives:

Because Akagera Game Lodge is located within Akagera National Park, guests can go on guided game drives. Game drives are done in the Akagera National Park in the morning and late afternoon, allowing guests to see animals like buffalos, lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos, zebras, and antelopes many more. However, because Akagera National Park is primarily a swampy and forested park, traversing the area may prove difficult, and there is no assurance that you will encounter all of the park’s wildlife species.

Boat Cruise:

Akagera National Park organizes boat trips on the magnificent Lake Ihema, and visitors staying at the Akagera Game Lodge can choose to explore the lake and its surroundings. The lake boasts the highest population of hippos in East Africa, thus it’s impossible not to see a few when on a b. The lodge is conveniently located, and guests can reach Lake Ihema in 20 minutes.

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Spot Fishing

Those who enjoy fishing should not pass up the opportunity to participate in the fishing tournaments held in Akagera National Park. Catch-and-release fishing tournaments are held frequently in Lake Shakani, with significant fish species such as tilapia and catfish caught. Those interested in fishing can always contact the administration at Akagera Game Lodge.

Other activities available to Akagera Game Lodge guests include bird watching, guided nature walks, walk the line experience, behind the scenes tours, and swimming.

The Best Way to Get to Akagera Game Lodge.

The Akagera Game Lodge is within a two-hour drive from Kigali. Visitors can also fly to Akagera National Park by chartering a helicopter from Akagera Aviation in Kigali.

If you’re looking for a hotel to stay in while visiting Rwanda’s Akagera National Park, Akagera Game Lodge is the place to stay.

Other Safari lodges in Akagera national park

Ruzizi Tented Lodge

Ruzizi tented lodge is a luxury accommodation in the Akagera national park. This magnificent lodging facility offers a touch of class. Ruzizi Tented Lodge is a modest luxury eco-camp located at the edge of the gorgeous Lake Ihema in the center of a riverine forest filled with swinging huge fig trees. The Ruzizi tented lodge, which opened in January 2014, is located within the park and invites you into the bush, allowing you a connection with nature because the resort is surrounded by lovely trees that were not harmed during construction.


Ruzizi tented resort offers stunning views of Lake Ihema and the opportunity to see a variety of bird species. The lodge is decorated with handcrafted local handmade products manufactured by locals, giving it an African feel. Ruzizi Tented Lodge is a 20-bed tented lodge comprised of cottages linked together by boardwalk ways. The lodge has 9 tented rooms, each of which has an en-suite bathroom, beautiful African deco pieces, dressing area, comfortable beds, and a private balcony from which to view the spectacular aspects of the park. There is also an outdoor shower in the resort.

Ruzizi Tented Lodge provides the following amenities and services. Outdoor shower, large deck, fully equipped bar with fridges selling both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and Solar energy. The Restaurant serves wonderful continental dishes with an option for both Indoor and outdoor dining. There are charging points for charging your electronic devices

Tents come in a variety of lodging options, including two-person tents with roomy queen beds, tree top tents with spectacular views of Lake Ihema, and one family tent accommodating up to four visitors. The Ruzizi tented camp is operated by Akagera National Park, and the majority of the lodge’s revenue is invested in conservation efforts to protect the park’s flora and species.

Magashi Camp

Magashi camp is a newly built premium camping lodging facility that opened in early 2019. It is located in the far north of Akagera National Park, facing Lake Rwanyakazinga. This accommodation facility has 6 safari tents with wonderful modern touches and stylish objects such as wooden tables, modern décor, netting spacious beds, and the tents are illuminated with plenty of light and quite spacious. The rooms are very large and have a dressing area with luggage storage, coffee making facilities, a mini-safe, a complimentary mini-bar, a writing desk and chair, an en-suite bathroom, and pedestal fans.

The safari tents at Magashi Camp offer a large terrace from which to enjoy the lovely scenery of the park.

Magashi camp offers the following amenities and services:

  • A wonderful swimming pool
  • A lounge space
  • A bar
  • A dining area
  • A bon fire deck with lake views

While staying at Magashi camp, you will be able to see several wildlife such as Sitatunga antelope, black rhino, hippos, crocodiles, and others.

Karenge Forest Camp

Karenge bush camp is an incredible ecological accommodation facility. Karenge bush camp draws its name from a local Kinyarwanda word Karenge, which means footprint. The camp offers a romantic intimate wilderness experience with 6 canvas tents that can accommodate a maximum of 12 guests. Each tent has two camp beds, chairs, reed mat floors, and solar lighting for reading. Each tent has its own outdoor bathroom with bucket showers, toilets, and cancan basins with warm water.

Accommodation in Akagera National Park


Karenge Bush Camp is a seasonal camp that operates on a bi-annual basis. The camp is known as Small Foot since the park’s first goal was to leave a small light footprint on the earth’s surface. This is observed during the removal of the tent, when there is evidence that it was previously visited.

The tents were built with a raised deck to prevent and combat the chance of animals entering.

Camping in Akagera National park

Camping is one of the greatest ways to interact with and experience the wildness of Akagera National Park. Akagera National Park has three fantastic camping sites, which include:

Shakani Akagera campsite is located on the banks of Lake Shakani, and while resting here, you may enjoy wonderful views of the lake, a pleasant breeze, and catch a glimpse of hippos.

Mutumba akagera campsite is the highest point in the park and is recognized for having a big population of animals that may be seen while staying here.

Muyumba campground is located on the ridges and offers stunning views of both Lake Ihema and Lake Shakani.

When camping in Akagera National Park, there are fire pit tents available if you do not bring your own, as well as tap water, a shared bathroom, and a pit latrine.

About Akagera National park.

Akagera National Park, located in eastern Rwanda, has 2500 square kilometers of mostly Savannah grassland. The park takes its name from the Kagera River, which flows along Rwanda’s eastern border with Tanzania. Lake Ihema and several smaller lakes in and around the park are fed by the river.

The park protects an acacia and bush landscape with sections of grasslands and a few swampy lakes typical of the African Savannah. It has a high level of biodiversity and is part of a huge protected wetland. Akagera National Park is Rwanda’s sole Savannah national park and the only area to see the majority of the large species when on safari. There are forest elephants in the park, but they are difficult to see. On a game drive, you can explore the park from the luxury of your safari vehicle.

Attractions in Akagera National Park

Tourists visiting Akagera National Area can be guaranteed that there are numerous interesting sights to view in the park, which include:

  • Wildlife: Akagera National Park is home to over 8,000 mammals, including the Cape Buffalo, African Bush Elephant, Black Eastern Rhinos, Lions, Leopards, Rothschild Giraffes, Hippopotami, Bruchell’s Zebras, antelopes, waterbucks, impala, and many more.
  • Primates: Visitors to the national park can also witness vervet monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, olive baboons, silver monkeys, and blue monkeys.
  • Bird Species: Akagera National Park is home to approximately 500 bird species, making it a birder’s paradise. The Suaza Shrike, Raptors, the uncommon Shoebill stork, and the big sniper bird are among the birds that guests can view in the park.
  • Lakes: Visitors can explore ten lakes inside Akagera National Park. Lake Ihema and Lake Shakani are two of the most popular lakes in the park.

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