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Uganda self-drive safaris: Self-Drive Safaris in Uganda

If you’re planning a trip to Uganda and are wondering how to make the most it, We would strongly suggest self-drive safaris. In this guide to Uganda self-drive safaris, we cover everything you need to know to experience the best of what this beautiful country has to offer in your own 4WD car or SUV. Here you’ll find detailed information with tips on where to go, fun activities along the way, and how to get more out of the experience by staying at lodges in each location. Uganda Self-drive safaris are unique adventures in the making. The country offers visitors a chance to get up close and personal with all sorts of wildlife, from birdwatching at Lake Mburo National Park, mountain gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, or elephant encounters at Queen Elizabeth National Park. Uganda self-drive safaris are one of the most rewarding ways to explore this diverse country.

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Why go on Uganda Self-drive safaris?

The ability to travel anywhere

Uganda is one of the most gorgeous countries on the African continent. In Uganda, there are numerous excellent tourist spots to explore. On a self-guided tour and game drives in the Pearl of Africa, you can visit major national parks as well as lesser-known wildlife reserves. Planning your own self-drive trip allows you to choose which destinations to include in your itinerary. You will also tour the chosen locations at your own pace and in your own time. This is significantly more intriguing than taking a guided tour that is rigidly adhered to by your tour guide.

A Variety of Options

In Uganda, you can rent a variety of cars. There are numerous alternatives available, ranging from traditional vehicles such as luxury SUVs to customized safari cars. The most common vehicles used by travelers on self-drive safaris are 4wd safari vehicles, particularly Land Cruisers, Toyota Rav4s, safari vans, and others. Classic pickup trucks and 4×4 Coaster vans are available for use by people interested in group outings. You may be confident that you will arrive at your destination securely and comfortably.

It is simple to rent a car.

It is simple to rent a car in Uganda for your Uganda self-drive safaris. In Uganda, there are numerous car hire companies, and you will quickly locate a name you can trust. The process of making a reservation has also been simplified! All you need to acquire a rental car for your vacation is to send us a message and we will have it ready for you.

Reliable Vehicles for Your Journey

When selecting a rental car, dependability is critical. With an increasing number of excellent reviews from previous clients who have gone on self-guided journeys, you may get a dependable car to utilize during your vacation. To ensure dependability, book with a tour operator that is recommended on travel platforms such as Trip Advisor, Google, Safari Bookings, and Trust Pilot.

Surprisingly Low-Cost Self-Driving

Renting a car in Uganda may be less expensive than elsewhere in Africa. Several safari companies provide powerful 4×4 at reasonable pricing. A 4×4 automobile for your Uganda safari can be obtained for as little as US$40 per day. Rooftop tent vehicle hire is available in Uganda for individuals looking to save money on both transportation and lodging. You can also choose a regular 4×4 with supplies for your ground camping excursion, making your trip quite economical.

Unrestricted Travel

Unlimited travel is all you need for a fantastic adventure! Most car rentals in Uganda include unlimited mileage, so guests may drive without limits or additional fees! Wherever you intend to go, it is critical to hire a car with unlimited mileage! This will allow you to enjoy your safari and visit more areas than you would on a guided tour.


Rental cars are not only more reliable and safer, but they also provide the total comfort that any tourist deserves when on their Uganda self-drive safaris. There is a team of dedicated personnel that can be reached at any time for assistance. Absolute escapes, with self-drive safaris, travelers have the opportunity to retire the brain with incredible interactions with nature and glacier mountain ranges

Uganda Self-drive safaris

How to plan for your Uganda self-drive safaris.

Determine whether your trip will take place during the wet or dry season. Alter your trip schedule according to the season. You may wish to avoid the wet season more often because of the inaccessibility of some areas, especially if you are a newbie. Make a list of all the destinations you want to visit and do some research on them. Arrange them and determine how much time you should spend in each region 

Arrange them in the sequence in which they should be visited, taking care to avoid unnecessary travel and backtracking. I also believe in saving the best for last. Calculate the amount of travel time between two destinations using information from forums, guidebooks, or map software. Choose the ideal places to begin and end your journey. A location that saves money and time. We at Laba Africa will be more than glad to help you plan for your ultimate adventure.

Camping Gear Set
🛏️Folding foam mattress
🛌Sleeping bag (with pillows and bed sheets)
🪑Chairs and small table
📦Storage box
🔥1 gas tank & 1 burner
🍽️Cups, plates & bowls
🍳Pots, frying pans, cutlery set
🔪Knife, can opener, corkscrew
🧀Cutting board
🧽Dishtowel and detergent
💡Solar table lamp
Roof tent or ground Tent

What to Wear While Self-Driving in Uganda

Summer clothes are worn all year, though a jacket and light raincoat may be required at times. In elevated destinations, it is cold in the early morning and late evening. As a result, we recommend wearing a sweater to keep warm, especially during your dawn and dusk excursions. Hiking shoes are also recommended on safari, and because laundry is only available where you are staying for two nights, try to bring quick-dry items.

During the day, men can wear short-sleeved shirts, women can wear light cotton dresses or a skirt and top. Some hotels and restaurants require trousers for men in the evening. Sunglasses and a hat are recommended for sun protection, and swimsuits should be carried for the pool or beach. Sunbathing without a top is not authorized. We will provide you with information on any other specific activity upon request.

Is it safe to drive in Uganda?

Is Uganda a safe destination for self-driver safaris? This is a question we get from time to time. Yes, the answer is yes! Uganda is regarded as one of the safest countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a welcoming population. Most Ugandans speak excellent English, and physical attacks on tourists are unheard of. We would not have entered the self-drive automobile rental business in a dangerous country. Nonetheless, we trust you to travel prudently. This necessitates the following precautions:

  • Always travel with cash, a fully charged phone with airtime, plenty of water, and food.
  • Know where the nearest gas station is when you fill up your automobile.
  • Always park your automobile in a private lot.
  • Never go wild camping.
  • Do not drive after dark (7PM) because some road users in Uganda frequently have no lights or turn on their full beam lights, making it impossible to see anything.

The most common mistake that travelers make is attempting to cover too much distance in a single drive. Travel is slower than you are probably used to, and driving is far more exhausting. Use one of our suggested itineraries to determine whether your trip plans are feasible.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Uganda?

The cost of renting a car in Uganda is mainly determined by the type of vehicle you need. It’s highly advisable to know the type of car you will need for your Uganda self-drive safaris. If you intend to go gorilla trekking, it would be wise to get a car with high ground clearance. At Laba Africa, our vehicles range from $85 per day. This includes the rooftop tents for your accommodation. This price excludes park entry fees and fuel. More to that, you can choose to hire a guide at a fee of $40 per day. This fee is paid directly to the guide and caters for his meals and accommodation.

Toyota Hilux Double Cab 2007

What cars are available for your Uganda self-drive safaris

Toyota Rav 4

Uganda’s most popular 4×4 is the RAV4. Sporty, compact, and tough, as well as simple and cost-effective to drive. It’s automatic and four-wheel-drive all the time. In comparison to the Landcruiser, fuel consumption is quite low: roughly 10-12 km/liter. Up to four persons can be accommodated in the 5-door variant. Rooftop tent and electric fridge are not possible to include. When camping with three or more adults, the Hilux or Landcruiser is the vehicle of choice. Traveling to some parts of North Eastern Uganda and Kotido with a RAV4 is not possible.

Toyota Hilux

Hire this car in Uganda with camping equipped This Toyota Hilux 2.4L Double Cab 4×4 in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania. This pickup truck is the perfect choice for a 3 to 4 -person self-drive car hire safari. This 4×4 truck comes with a full camping gear, meaning you can set camp at various camping sites in East Africa on your Africa self-drive safari journey without worrying about accommodation, whether you are going to the coast of Mombasa or Tanzania or the semi arid Uganda’s Karamoja region.

Land cruiser V8

Most users who rent this car in Uganda have mentioned that It ensures robust build and durability as it tackles the most challenging muddy tracks and mountain ranges. With a striking design, luxurious interior and improved capabilities, the V8 is the ultimate 4×4 for rent because of its stability and power! This v8 can take a family of 4 since its can carry 2 roof tents on top and its very spacious

Prado TX with popup roof

One of the most popular 4×4 This TX Landcruiser with a pop-up roof has the best wildlife safari viewing pop-up roof. It’s perfect for 4 people with camping gear. Its automatic Fuel consumption is around 8 km/liter. These vehicles are customized for African off-road experience and not brand new cars, so the comfort level can’t be compared to new cars you probably drive in Europe or US

Places to visit on your Uganda Self-drive safaris

Murchison Falls

Safari Activities to do on Uganda Self-drive safaris

Gorilla Trekking

Uganda is proudly home to half of the remaining Mountain Gorilla population. Beeing able to meet face to face with these gentle giants in their natural habitat will be one of the most humbling and impressive wildlife experience on the African continent. Uganda gorilla trekking is also one way to be able to support conservation efforts and restoring the numbers of these endangered animals .

Chimpanzee Trekking

Sharing 98% of our DNA, Chimpanzees are human’s closest relatives even closer than gorillas. Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda offers the highest success rate than anywhere else in the world. Uganda has 5 different places where one can see chimpanzees; Kibale forest National Park, Kalinzu forest reserve, Kyambura Gorge, Bugoma forest and Budongo forest.

Wildlife Viewing

Uganda wildlife safaris transport you to the African bush, into Uganda's untamed tropical and savanna plains. Uganda is blessed with a diverse range of climatic areas and topography, which allows for a diverse range of species. With over 330 mammal species, a Uganda wildlife safari will provide you with a wealth of fascinating encounters. Steadfast Tours has mastered the art of creating fantastic Uganda wildlife safaris throughout the years. Allow us to take you on a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife trip to Uganda.


Are you a thrill seeker? Do you want to gratify a mad craze? Are you prepared to confront your fears? At the Source of the Nile, Jinja, also known as the East-African Adventure Capital, you will find, exhilarating Africa Safari adventurous activities. In a matter of seconds, the water journey transitions from peaceful enjoyment to crashing through grade five rapids. Adrenaline seekers can take on the famed rapids at any time of year because Uganda benefits from a warm tropical climate all year.

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