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When you are looking for a reliable car rent service in Uganda, look no further than Laba Uganda Expeditions. We are one of the leading car hire companies in Uganda for self-drive safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. We make sure you have a cost-effective car rent service while in our destinations. Our cars can be picked up at the Entebbe Airport, Kampala, Jinja and we can drop off your booked car at nearly all town locations in Uganda. Our car hire services also extend to Juba in South Sudan, Kigali in Rwanda, Nairobi in Kenya and Arusha in Northern Tanzania.

Car rent Uganda-Laba Africa Expeditions

We have a well-maintained safari car fleet. Whether it’s saloon cars, mid bus, minivans or 4-wheel drives and safari cars customized for safaris, we have a solution for every occasion and every budget.

Because of our well maintained and cars that we hire out at affordable rate, we also provide probably the most efficient rent a car service in Uganda. We have been serving clients for over ten years, offering unparalleled personal customer service and unbeatable prices on car hire in Uganda. Get an instant low-cost car hire quote online and find great deals on Uganda safaris, self-drive and chauffeur driven car rental in Uganda with us.


10 Days Uganda Self-Drive Safari

18 Days Uganda Self drive

11 Days Best Of Uganda

When you think of hiring a car for African self-drive safari , you have three options that will fit your travel style or budget. For comfort, you will look at cars like Toyota Hilux, Land cruiser and to meet your budget you will look at cars like the RAV4 because they are reliable since they are 4X4 and are the most used cars in Uganda self-drive safaris. They also have a relatively low fuel consumption rate. The Toyota Hilux is the newer and most comfortable option, and more likely to meet expectations for Roadtrippers with safari experience in southern Africa.

Laba Africa Expeditions owns all the cars it hires out to the clients and we never subcontract cars from third parties. The cars are always well serviced before any trip at our workshops and we have a close network of upcountry workshops for minor onsite repairs. In case you have a breakdown, rest assured that we offer 24/7 roadside assistance and always have a replacement vehicle ready. Our customer service is uncontested!

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Which car would you like to rent for your African Self Drive Safari?

Toyota Hilux Double Cab 2007

Comfort - Toyota Hilux Double Cab

The Toyota Hilux is one of the most comfortable and dependable cars. It is well raised for game viewing. It has big wheels and a great ground appearance. The Hilux is really stable on the ground and its real pleasure to drive in the national parks. Compared to the classic Landcruiser, this vehicle also provides more comfort for its passengers when driving at higher speed on the main asphalt roads. Equipped with a canopy on the back for easy access to camping equipment and luggage. 

Manual, A/C, fuel consumption (10-11 km / liter). Carries 5 persons with camping gear. Know which vehicle to choose and what to expect.

Classic - Toyota Landcruiser

The Toyota Land cruiser is a classic, sturdy and reliable vehicle. It’s manual, has a 5-cylinder diesel engine, and has high ground clearance. Fuel consumption strongly depends on terrain, driving behavior, and load, but is in the range of 8 km/liter if without A/C. Carries 4 persons with plenty of room for your camping gear. 

Car rental Kampala

Classic - Landcruiser with pop-up roof

The Landcruiser with pop-up roof is your ultimate safari car. You are guaranteed to see any wildlife that is in the vicinity! The stretched version has six window seats, but can only carry 4 people with camping luggage since it has a small booth.  

It’s manual, has a 6-cylinder diesel engine and high ground clearance. Fuel consumption is around 8 km/liter. NO A/C. When equipped with a rooftop tent, it’s not compatible with the pop-up roof.

Toyota RAV4 - 5 doors

This is one of the most used self-drive cars in Uganda. It’s a bit sporty, strong and compact, easy maintainace and economical in terms of fuel and hire price. It’s mostly automatic and in permanent four-wheel-drive. Fuel consumption is very low compared to the Land cruiser: around 10-12 km/liter.

The 5-door model can fit up to four people. Not possible to equip with rooftop tent and electrical fridge. When camping with three adults or more, the Hilux or Landcruiser would be the car to choose. It is not advisable to travel to Kidepo and Karamoja in a RAV4.

Toyota RAV4 – 3 doors

This is the 5-door RAV4’s little brother, but other than size, there are no differences between the two. Both RAV4s are automatic and have the same engine. The smaller 3-door model fits two people with camping gear, or three people if you’re not camping and only take little personal luggage. It’s not advisable to travel to Kidepo and Karamoja areas in a RAV4; the Landcruiser or Hilux is required.

Car Rent with camping gear

Camping is one of the most sought-after activities in Uganda. They are many camping sites in Uganda in and around the national parks especially, ranging from basic public campsites to five-star luxury camping with all the amenities you could wish for.

Our Toyota Hilux and Landcruiser can both be equipped with a rooftop tent, or you can hire a dome tent which is also possible with a RAV4. Both options come with a full set of quality camping gear, including a mattress, sleeping bag, headlights, cooking equipment, table and chairs. The extra storage space in the Hilux makes it the perfect car for camping in the bush!

Car Rent with driver

All the drivers affiliated to our company are very skilled, helpful, experienced and Flexible. They are well motivated and good of the job.

The cost of hiring a driver is usually about $35/ day – this also covers his meals and accommodation. The driver will always sort these out himself. Most lodges have a drivers’ section and provide accommodation and meals for free. When you travel into a national park with a driver, you will also have to pay their entrance fee of $5 – $8 / day, depending on the park.

At Laba Africa Expeditions, we make exploring Uganda easier than expected. No matter where your destination is, we shall make sure you get there. When you have a rental car, you are free to explore far and wide and certainly won’t miss out on any of the awesome attractions and adventures the country has to offer. Reserve car rent vehicle and enjoy the vacation with unforgettable memories! weather you come for Gorilla trekking in Rwanda , Safari in Uganda or hiking mountains  contact us today.

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