Car Rent Uganda

Get your 4×4 car rent in Uganda with and without rooftop tents is one of the best ways to enjoy the pearl of Africa. Enjoy self drive safaris in Uganda when you rent our Safari land cruiser jeeps on Self-drive safari Uganda car rental to explore Uganda or with our driver / guide Laba Africa ExpeditionsCar rental in Uganda gives you peace of mind while on your  adventure holidays of visiting the mountain gorillas for gorilla trekking safaris are a reliable partner to anyone who wants to tour independently East Africa. We are with you throughout your carb rent in Uganda self drive safari should you need any road side assistance.

Are you that traveler who likes to explore places on a self drive safaris or car rent in Uganda with a driver? We got you covered with our comprehensively insured safari cars with pop up roofs perfect for Game viewing and no animal will go unnoticed.

Explore Uganda on Self drive Car rent in Uganda with Special rates for one way .  Lets help you Book Gorilla permits, chimp permits, Safari Lodges, Campsites at  zero extra cost if you confirm your Car Rental With Us.
We offer free road maps, a GPS at an Extra Cost of USD 5 for long Car Rentals. We are always available to assist you 24/7 during your African self drive safaris and trekking

Most Rented Cars: Rent a Car Uganda.

4x4 Car Rent in Uganda

One of the most popular when it comes to rough roads of  Uganda and Self drive safari in east Africa . We also have normal tents with full camping gear. Rooftop tent Land cruiser is available in both Manual and Automatic gear comfortable for a maximum of 3 pax. An extra top tent is available on request for more than 2 persons.

4×4 Land Cruiser with Root Tent, Diesel Engine, Model 2000.

Prado TX with popup roof - Car rent Uganda

One of the most popular 4×4 This Prado TX Landcruiser with pop-up roof has the best wildlife safari viewing pop up roof . Its perfect for 4 people with camping gear. It’s automatic Fuel consumption is around 8 km/liter.

These vehicles are customized for African off road experience and not brand new cars , so the comfort level can’t be compared to a new cars you probably drive in Europe or US

Check out its specifications here

Prado Tx with popup roof.

Land cruiser V8 car for Rent in Uganda

The legendary Land Cruiser V8 has been further refined and reinforced. Most users who rent this car in Uganda and Tanzania have mentioned that It ensures robust build and durability as it tackles the most challenging muddy tracks and mountain ranges for more than 60 years. With a striking design, luxurious interior and improved capabilities, the Land Cruiser is the ultimate 4×4 for rent while on Uganda safari holidays for those keen and comfort, stability and power!

The most amazing thing about this v8 is it can take a family of 4 since its can carry 2 roof tents on top and its very spacious

Check out this Land cruiser v8

Car rent Uganda-Laba Africa Expeditions

4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop - Rent Car in Uganda

Toyota Land Cruiser hardtop  is excellent for off-road driving and self drive safaris car rental in Uganda and in East Africa but it comes with a big higher price.  Seating capacity is 4 persons. It has 2 spare tires, lift jack, mini-fridge and Air-conditioned.

Check out the car here

Fully equipped Land Cruiser Hardtop

Toyota Hilux - Rent a Car in Uganda

Hire this car in Uganda with camping equipped This Toyota Hilux 2.4L Double Cab 4×4 in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania. This pickup truck  is the perfect choice for a 3 to 4 -person self-drive car hire safari

This 4×4  truck comes with a full camping gear, meaning you can set camp at various camping sites in East Africa on your Africa self-drive safari journey without worrying about accommodation, whether you are going to the coast of Mombasa or Tanzania or the semi arid Uganda’s Karamoja region

Fully equipped Toyota hilux with Double tents

Classic Safari Land cruiser

This land cruiser 4×4 has over the years proven to be robust and unchangeable ! there are recent innovations and additional modifications have been made to provide extra comfort for your African Safari. This car carry 7 persons It has wide windows, charging points, a fridge and a winch for that Africa bush breakfas.

Please note. We don’t offer this car for self drive car rent. It only comes with a guide/ driver

Classic safari land Cruiser

Toyota Rav 4 for car rent in Uganda

Uganda’s most popular 4×4 is the RAV4. Sporty, compact, and tough, as well as simple and cost-effective to drive. It’s automatic and four-wheel-drive all the time. In comparison to the Landcruiser, fuel consumption is quite low: roughly 10-12 km/liter.

Up to four persons can be accommodated in the 5-door variant. Rooftop tent and electric fridge are not possible to include. When camping with three or more adults, the Hilux or Landcruiser is the vehicle of choice. Traveling to some parts of North Eastern Uganda and Kotido with a RAV4 is not possible. 

Rav 4

Hiace van. Top rented car in Uganda

Laba Africa Expeditions is the premier 4X4 safari car hire Uganda company, trusted by many travelers as their one-stop centre for the best 4X4 Toyota Hiace safari minibuses available for your service. We have customized safari vans with four-wheel drive that have proven their ability to navigate Ugandan Maram roads to reach remote Uganda safari locations and cross borders into Rwanda.

van for hire in Uganda

You Can Rent a Car with a Driver in Uganda

Do you want to rent a car but are unsure about taking a self-drive vacation? We work with a number of knowledgeable and beloved driver-guides who are intimately familiar with the ‘Pearl of Africa.’

This is a wonderful choice for car rent clients  who don’t want to drive themselves, prefer a more relaxed experience, or want to learn more about Uganda’s culture and animals. Our drivers are all fluent in English and have prior experience as tour guides and mechanics.

What to expect when renting a car with a driver-guide on safari

You may expect your driver to safely transport you to your destination and to be accountable for the vehicle’s safety.

He will also take you on safari park game drives and knows the finest areas to stop for a lunch break or supplies. He can also assist you in fine-tuning your itinerary along the way, as well as propose suitable campsites and lodgings for your Ugandan adventures. You are, however, in charge of your own vacation and itinerary. The driver-guide is available to make your journey easier.

Our driver-guides are also eager to share their Ugandan knowledge, so ask him anything and you’ll come home with a better understanding of the country and a new friend.

Practical advise for Car Rent In Uganda.

  • Its possible to rent a car for self-drive or rent a car in Uganda with a driver
  • We advise to rent a car in Uganda with a roof top tent.
  • Come along with a good sleeping bag for summer
  • Flat tires are part of the adventure
  • In case of a major breakdown on the car rented in Uganda, we shall get you another car within 10 hours where-ever you’re in Uganda.
  • We have comprehensive insurance on all cars
  • Bring your cameras but we strongly advice not to take photos with ” poor” kids simple because its unethical.
  • It is safe to rent a car in Uganda and go onto a self drive safari alone

For more detailed and valuable advise we highly recommend you to check out Tips for self drive car rent in Uganda.

Cost of Car rent and driver in Uganda.

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How Much Does it Cost to rent a Car In Uganda and Driver.

Renting a car in Uganda usually depend on the type of the car you want to rent.  suitable 4×4 car cost from 85 USD while hiring a driver-guide costs an additional $35 per day, with all money going directly to the  driver. This amount also includes his meals and lodging. You won’t have to worry about finding him a place to stay because the lodges provide special facilities for driver-guides where they may eat and sleep at a discounted rate. We also provide camping equipment to your driver if you embark on a camping excursion. We ask that you prepare food for your driver and cook your meals together because there are no other options for eating inside the national parks. The majority of drivers are capable chefs.

When traveling into a national park with a driver, you must pay the park’s entrance charge, which ranges from \$2 to \$5 per day depending on the park.

It should be noted that fuel is still your responsibility. You rent a car in Uganda with a full tank and return it with a full tank. It should also be noted that having a roof tent increases your fuel consumption

Are you undecided about hiring a driver for your game drives in Uganda’s parks? Alternatively, a ranger-guide can be obtained at the national park entrance gates to assist you in spotting wildlife. This will set you back $ 20 and may be arranged at the park gate.

If your vehicle breaks down, rest assured that we provide 24-hour roadside assistance and always have a replacement vehicle available. Our client service is second to none!

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Terms and Conditions of Car Rent in Uganda.

  • Any extra day spent with the vehicle shall be assessed and charged accordingly at the return of the vehicle as per the daily rates
  • The fuel / oil expense will be met by the hirer of the vehicle during the period of car rent.

In addition to the above terms the hirer should take note of the following :

  1. a) He/She should inspect the vehicle before hire to make sure that it’s in proper condition,  no liabilities will be accepted after signing of the agreement.
  2. b) No replacement or substitute of any parts or accessories of the vehicle without the knowledge and approval of the company.
  3. c) That the hired vehicles remain the property of Laba Africa Expeditions.
  4. d) That only the authorized driver drives the vehicle and any liability arising out of the use of un-authorized driver is met by the hirer
  5. e) The hirer must take  good care of the hired  vehicle  in matters  pertaining good maintenance, by checking engine, oil and other lubricants like water and  taking care of its security but in case any thing happens due to the hirers negligence of the above he is responsible for  repair and replacement .
  6. f) In case of a miner breakdown  during the hire of  the vehicle  you  can make repairs of up to 60,000 UGX beyond that  figure, you are  obliged to inform the company before you proceed with the repairs
  7. g) The hirer shall NOT use the hired vehicle for any sport activities like racing or motor rally or pull trailers or to sublet the hired vehicle.
  8. h) The hired vehicle shall not be operated in the following circumstances

1) To transport goods in violation to customs regulations or in any other illegal manner.

2)  To propel or tow any vehicle on trail without the consent of the Company

3)By any person driving when not fit to drive e.g. when drunk or under any influence of drug as per road and traffic Act 

  1. i) The hirer agrees to protect the interest of the owner in case of an accident by

1) Obtaining names and addresses of parties involved and witnesses

Driving Time & Advice for car rented

2)  The vehicle has to stop operation at 7:30pm and should start driving or be on road at 6:00 am and above, unless it is airport transfer, driving for dinner or shopping, anything happens beyond the mentioned time the client is responsible for whatever that happen on the car.

3) Only the mentioned number of clients on the agreement at the period of picking the car should be in the car until the end of the rented period  

4) Immediately notify the police if another party‘s guilt is to be ascertained or if any person is injured 

  1. j) The car hirer will comply with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy and pay the owner any excess in the event of the claim
  2. k) Any addition and alterations to these terms and conditions shall be Null and void unless agreed upon in writing by both parties

The Operator’s rental fleet is insured under a policy of motor vehicle insurance (“Policy”) from a company licensed to carry on insurance business in East Africa.

Our Insurance Policy Carters for the vehicle for any damages above US$50, Head on Collusion and theft as well a provide Personal Life Insurance for the passengers. However, the hirer is advised to come with life insurance from home country. Any damages below US$50 are negotiated between the Hirer and the operator. This Insurance does not cover any damage caused by negligence such as driving under the influence of alcoholism, wheels/trims, cigarette burns, punctures, damage to radio covers, badges etc.

  1. A) Immediately notify the police if another party‘s guilt is to be ascertained or if any person is injured
  2. B) Therefore clients are entitled to get police Report and make Police Statement when he or she gets accident because it is what insurance provider base on to compensate, so when the client does not get this police report is to meet all the expenses.
  3. C) The Excess insurance charged by the operator will vary depending on the car type: Toyota Rav4 USD 150 and Land cruiser Prado 250 USD.

IMPORTANT: The excess charged by the operator in cases of single vehicle rollover is US$1000. In this case, we encourage you to avoid over speeding especially in Parks and murram roads.

  1. D) The hirer will comply with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy and pay the owner any excess in the event of the claim
  2. E) In case of an accident, you give you another car with a driver at a fee of US$40 per day if you want to continue with your trip. We don’t allow you drive again.

 IMPORTANT: The Operator is not providing insurance services to the Hirer. The Operator manages the insurance provided under the Policy. The Operator reserves the right to determine whether or not to claim under the Policy. In the event of damage to the Vehicle, the Hirer agrees to immediately contact, and solely deal with, the Operator.


Our Vehicles are insured for use in only East African countries. Customers must not attempt to take the vehicle overseas without prior consent from this Company or the y must pay COMESA insurance at the time of renting the car to cover for the any damage caused in foreign country and Overseas Breakdown Insurance is supplied at an additional cost. Details available upon request,

  1. n) FUEL

Vehicles are generally supplied on a “¼ to ¼ “basis. No credit will be given for unused fuel at the end of the rental.

  1. o) Fuel of the Car on Replacement

 In case of mechanical breakdown we provide replacement of the Car within 24 Hours and we are responsible to fuel to drop the replacement car and then you also provide the fuel to return the breakdown car.

  1. p) Speed Limit in National Park is 40KM/h and don’t go off track and any client who does it is responsible to Pay the 150 USD to Uganda Wildlife Authority
  2. q) Animals in the National Park have 100 % to the Right of way and clients are to be 100Metres Away from the Fierce Animals like Elephants.

Vehicles must be returned to the agreed drop off location, our office during our normal hours of business unless otherwise arranged we can as well drop off our clients to the airport on request. Returns are not accepted out of these times. Customers that return vehicles late will be charged 1/5 daily rate per hour

  1. s) Payment: we do accept payment by (Visa credit card) on condition you prefer to pay in advance 20 days before the arrival date, otherwise if it’s by arrival; we prefer payment by cash either in us dollars, Euro, British Pounds or Uganda shillings using the company’s exchange rate. 
  2. T) The Company requires you to notify your Final Destinations on Arrival.